Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here, son, have some poisonous adult food

It was not only the cost benefit that had me making homemade babyfood. It was nice to know that I was giving Rylan preservative free yummies(most of the time). I'm not trying to get all Kate Organic Gosselin on us. Its just that after the bedrest and then Rylan's attack of RSV, then Rob and I have caught EVERY little daycare illness Ry has brought home, I had the idea that we could all use a bit of a healthier lifestyle and maybe I'd start with the infant. His system was the least congested with grossness. So for the first few months of Rylan's solid eating life, he was given homemade green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, and bananas. I eventually perfected my art to try mixed veggies, chicken, beef, and fruit medley. I saved the hard-to-make (peaches, pears, squash, and all those gross meat concoctions) to the pros and bought those for him to have his 3 days/week at daycare.

He is now taking big boy bites of peices of whatever we have for dinner and having a little babyfood chaser. He's a fan. Last night I broke up a meatball and some spagetti noodles and he looked at me with a noodle hanging out of his mouth and down to his chest and gave me a cheesy "you are my favorite mama" smile. I'm a little excited about the end of the pureeing days. Making homemade babyfood is kinda like breastfeeding. In the beginning you are supercharged at providing your child with the very best that life can offer and making him the healthiest he can be. You are amazed at your capibilities and you don't notice the extra work because the reward is so great. Then, all the sudden, you say "I'M DONE!"

The problem with all the healthiness I gave my child in his early eating months is that, now that he has all his shark teeth and loves to chew, we find ourselves giving him bites of our preservative, fake sweetener, and chemically induced yum yums. And he is more than happy to accept Rob and my offerings.

So if he has all natural baby food and bites of Weight Watchers Ice cream bars does that even out at the end of the day?

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