Monday, July 22, 2013

The Couple that Cleanses Together Stays Together

I talked Rob into doing the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse with me. Its a fiber drink and probiotic pills and such for 10 days. ***

The rules are: no dairy, coffee, or wheat for 10 days. Drink at least 8 cups of water, but try for at least 100 ounces. Its a "gentle cleanse" read: you won't be running to the toilet. We've done day one and its true so far.

Why are we doing a cleanse? Well, I know why I am. My weight isn't moving. I had my thyroid checked and its fine. I have gone up and down with the same 1.5 pounds since March. I have over 40 to lose and I keep getting defeated and being all "addict like" and shoving copious amounts of cereal in my pie hole. For the most part, I keep a food diary and work out, but, obviously things could change. So, I'm cleansing, cleaning out the old, detoxifying and starting fresh. If I lose weight, that would be awesome. My biggest hope is for this cleanse to give my body a boost towards burning fat and calories and help me with my cravings.

I don't exactly have cravings, I have what I call, a FAT BRAIN. Meaning, part of my brain is on track with diet and exercise and the other side, the fat side, sees every restaurant and has a moment where it says "we should totally stop there". Even if I have dinner planned. Sometimes when I'm not even hungry.  Fat Brain craves bad food. Fat Brain feeds emotional eating habits. Fat Brain doesn't know when I'm full and wants to eat too much. Fat Brain starts craving dessert before I've finished my meal. Fat Brain sees a serving of cereal and says "that's just enough to piss me off, I need MORE!"  Fat Brain needs to die. I hope the cleanse helps me tear down Fat Brain.

I think Rob is doing it cause he rocks and he's supportive and if he feels better in the process? BONUS!

Day One was easy. Hope it stays this positive! Here's a list of our food
Breakfast-Oatmeal with a banana and tsp of honey
Snack-cashews and Pluots
Lunch-Salad with grilled chicken, watermelon
Snack-Sweet potato chips and hummus
Dinner-Sweet Potato Chili and cantaloupe (I left the zucchini out of the chili and threw in 4 shredded veggie burgers)

For being on a "diet" we ate a ton of food!!!! 

This is Rob's lunch and snacks for Day 2. This cleanse requires a lot of packing and planning.
Breakfast-Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon
Snack-Peanuts and grapes
Lunch-Leftover Sweet Potato Chili, cantelope
Snack-Wholly Guacamole and carrot chips
Dinner-Grilled Steaks, cauliflower mash, peas
Snack-strawberry popsicles 
(strawberries,water, truvia sweetener in the blender and freeze: BOOM)

***Not a fan of cleansing and think it is BS? Good for you! Please don't leave me a comment about your negative feelings on the matter. Love Peace and Chicken Grease, Quallsy****

****I probably shouldn't have chicken grease on the cleanse.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I forgot I had a blog

I have no excuses. I just took a few days off, got out of the habit, and then, holy cracker jackles, it's been a month!!!!

So, to refresh....
We've had a lot of pool time. Max is working on his tan and his modeling poses. Both are going swimmingly. Lololol forever. 

Rybearski has had "mishaps" and now has a sticker chart. There is a bucket of toys on top of the fridge with army guys, swim gear, coloring books and action figures galore waiting on a full chart.

July 4 came. This is how Max Attack watched the boomers.

I don't talk much about church (or maybe at all?) but we have joined a new church and its been one of the best things for our family ever. I've missed being part of a church family. Anyhow, we made it into the church newsletter. That's us on the left, with our ever classy son with no shirt on and the other one MIA. 

Rob and I painted our living room/kitchen area. It went from red to Sensational Sand. Much more bright in the house now. Red is awesome, but 4 years of staying home with red walls was plenty.
My friend Laura and I ran the Color Me Rad run. It didn't start till 930 on the most humid day of the year this far and I was healing from the stomach flu but we did pretty stinking good.

The boys and I did some berry pickin.

Mac has started sleeping on his floor. It's odd but whatever. Sleep in the cabinet for all I care, JUST SLEEP!!!!!