Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We'll just pretend we don't notice I haven't blogged for a month. I have a little issue, now that instagram and facebook make it easy to upload pics all the time, sometimes I get ready to blog and I'm like "everyone knows all this." I skip a few days, then the habit goes bye bye.

I've mentioned that we joined a new church recently. We really love our church, and the people in it, so I was excited to spend Easter at our church. There is a *slight* chance we may be leaving the Central Arkansas area in the near future, so this might be our only Easter here. The Saturday before Easter, our church hosted an Easter Egg hunt. There was a bounce house, a walk with Jesus (that I forgot to take the kids to, oopsie whoopsie), and copius amounts of candy filled eggs. The kids had a blast. The church does so much to get the youth involved and that is one thing that I love about it.

Easter morning we woke up to baskets that the Easter Bunny had only slightly hidden. Mark my words, Rylan has NO future in detective work. Max has a slightly better chance but still, not good. Their idea of "searching" is standing in front of me saying "where is it?" over and over and over and over again. Rylan's basket was behind the end table I was sitting next to, in direct visual line to where he was standing and Max's was behind his car ramp, a place where he "hides" all of the items that I tell him to put away. They still needed help. Like, "look behind the car ramp" type help.

E.B. was so awesome, he must have known they are dairy free, so he busted out some Peeps, jelly beans and snack cakes. He also gifted them each a Whoopie Cushion. Hours of entertainment. I don't care if I am 29 and holding, fart noises are funny every time.

Our entire church is reading this book and discussing it in Sunday school classes. Even Max's little 3 year old class (in which he is the ONLY member besides the teacher, sad times, we need more kids!) does a lesson on the chapter of the week. It is a seriously good book, it is the Bible, written in novel form, it cuts out a lot of the lineage that gets people cross-eyed when trying to read it.

If I'm going to be honest, Sunday mornings get a little hectic because Rob and I have a Sunday school class ready to discuss the current chapter and we are both.....what's the word?????? Procrastinators. Big time. So Sunday mornings have their usual craziness of "can I have waffles, can I watch Mickey Mouse, can I have juice, brother hit me!, Max stuck his fingers up my nose." all while Rob and I try to mad read a book about the Bible. So, Easter added in baskets and copious amounts of candy and whoopie cushion toots with the mad rush to look pretty/dapper and get our chapter read.

It was an awesome day. We churched, we rested, we played outside. We went on a bike ride and we made dinner and had our good friend Charles and his dog, Lola's bestie, Rusty over for ham, pineapple casserole and roasted broccoli. And bunny cake. Yummy bunny cake.

There, Easter in a nutshell. I love a blog post that talks about the bible and whoopie cushions all in one kitten kaboodle.