Sunday, September 6, 2009


Best Baby Ever!!!

The Razorbacks kicked off their 2009 season and the Qualls fam embarked on a new adventure-tailgating with bambino. And, oh good golly, do we have a good baby. Rylan sat the rain out while we had Mexican food and margaritas at Senor Tequila, then hung out while we tailgated, THEN the true-blue fans went to the game and Rylan, my sister, Tammy, and I held the tailgating fort down and watched TV in the parking lot. Rylan sat on our laps and "woo pig sooied" and clapped like a true fan. Besides me locking my good friend Deb's keys in her car, it was a fantabulous day. Rylan kicked it from morning to night with only a splotchy nap while we ran errands, such a trouper! We have the greatest friends, Debbie and Justin. They really take tailgating up that extra notch, with a car full of flags and Hog stickers, all Razorback camping chairs, a table with a football field painted on it, and a satellite and TV to watch pregame on.

When they went to watch the actual game, Tammy and I totally chicked it out and watched Ruby, Bulging Brides, Househunters, and Biggest Loser on it. Just to give the TV a little estrogen.
Awesome TV set-up
One of the crowd
Lovin' Aunt Tam
Rylan' s BFFs Debbie and Justin

Every good day must end

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