Monday, September 7, 2009

His bumps, his bumps, his sad red Cheetah bumps

Rylan has a rash. The nurse in me thinks its a viral thing, maybe even Fifths Disease. Totally okay, nothing to worry about. But that psycho mom in me keeps wondering if its a flesh eating disease or if he's going to stop breathing in anaphalactic shock soon. I even turned the apnea monitor that we'd long abandoned back on the other night. Its really pitiful when it flares up. The lucky thing is that Benadryl works pretty well on it (even though it doesn't appear to be an allergy), the unlucky thing is that he can only have Benadryl every 8hrs. Their is an hour or so in between doses when he looks like this:
Notice the red welpy legs. Welpy is a word, to me anyway

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