Thursday, April 16, 2009


We are hitting the road tomorrow to go to Fayetteville for a wedding reception/pig roast. Don't you love the combo??? Should be fun. My girl, Becca, got married in March (in Vegas-I'm uber jealous I love Vegas) and she's having her wedding reception for those of us who couldn't make the trip. I love that girl, so happy for her. Also jealous that she got to stay in the Forrest Gump room at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. I would have been quoting that movie all week long if I stayed in there. Probably best I don't. I might get left in Vegas, not married there!

Little Rylan is on his fourth ear infection. It would seem that while he gained all of Rob's face, he has inherited my ears (on the inside). His airway is still a little fragile from his bout with RSV, and the doctor is toying with the idea of already starting him on some asthma therapy. I really hope that, with time, Rylan's airway and lungs can mature and grow out of this rough patch, but if not, its not the end of the world. He's a pretty good little boy when he has to have breathing treatments. 

Just posting pics of Rylan that I thought were funny. I've mentioned before that, as a new parent, I think my kid is the first to do everything, the funniest and cutest. I know this is PROBABLY not true. That's fine. 

Maybe he's a little big for the boppy? He seems perfectly comfortable nearly upside down.

A minute after this was taken, he threw up on Rob's head

Its a cocoon and soon he'll be a beautiful butterfly (doesn't he look soooo ticked?)

Don't you love baby pants with the stuff on the butt? Sorry, tushie.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter


Everybody loves Rylan. Or at least all his grandparents do!!! We took a tour de grandparent over Easter weekend and got to see both sides of the family. We had a yummy breakfast with Rob's parents (Grandma and Grandpa) in Batesville. Rob's mom is hysterical when she sees how big Rylan is cause it reminds her of Rob when he was the extra extra tall 5 month old, growing out of clothes left and right, making the left arm grow a giant bicep and such.

Then we jetted up to Mountain Home. We went out to Norfork by the White River to a nice dinner with a pretty view and good company (Grammy and Papa). 

On Easter Sunday, my parents hosted Easter brunch and had their church friends over. Rob and I hope that in our lifetime, we are able to make friends like my parents have with their "Breakfast Club". This group of people have been friends forever, some even lived in Hays, KS when we did. They are so kind to each other and hysterical when they get together and never seem to run out of things to talk about. I'm serious, some portion of this group has eaten breakfast together every Sunday after church for about 15 years. They also have Easter, Christmas and sometimes Oktoberfest parties. And they still like each other and have stuff to talk about!!!!! 
Here's Rylan and The Baby Whisperer aka Rex. Rylan never lays his head down.

Ready for church

Friday, April 10, 2009

Little helper

Poor Rob has been working 10-16 hour days lately. Rob works at a company that provides wound care products, so a good phone system is a requirement, and the new one that they installed last weekend is taking a lot of "tweaking." I wouldn't say Rob is 100% loving his job right now. I do have to keep reminding both of us that this is the same job that was totally supportive of Rob having to skirt off at a moments notice when I was on bedrest to take me to doctor's appointments and the occasional hospital visit. They even through us a shower and got us our carseat and stroller.

I have had to assume some un-Sara-like household chores during this period, like trash duty, lawn mowing, and one day I even had to plunger our fickle toilet! Where it used to be easy to pass Rylan off in an effort to get such household duties done, he is having to come along for all of them. He's a pretty good little trouper.
Helping ma with yardwork. Bumbo = baby prison

Helping with housework, he tries to eat everything I have in front of us. Rob thinks its hysterical when I have him in the Bjorn now because he's nearly half my height!  I was at WalMart with him like this and a guy said "that is one huge baby."

The shirt really does say it all. Eventually all good help must end.