Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the word of the Jackson 5 "I'll be there"

Many people have 5 year plans. Buying a new house. Getting a new job. Having a certain number of kids. Buying a stock portfolio (boring!). Rob and I have one. MOVE TO FAYETTEVILLE. Rob's sister, Staci, lives there with her 3 kids, and my sister Angie lives there with her 2 kids. Our favorite people in the world, Debbie and Justin live there. My good friend Becca and her new hubby Drew live there. Its the home of Wal-Mart, Tyson, and Monte Ne Chicken, and more importantly, the Razorbacks. So many reasons Fayetteville is cool. The thought came in our mind a year ago when we were jet setting to Fayetteville for the first 3 Razorback home games. It seemed we were always in the car headed to Fayetteville and the car seems to drive itself to Fayetteville on autopilot.

Then our hardest beloved Tammy. Our one sibling and closest relative left the Little Rock area. Where did she go you ask? FAYETTEVILLE.

Its not that we hate Little Rock. We have super good jobs here. We've made good friends. We have a pretty house in a nice neighborhood outside of the big city. Frostop Hamburgers on JFK are very very delicious. But, last year, while on bed rest, we realized, we live in the boondocks! No where near a hospital, should we need to rush there in the middle of the night. Rob drives 40 miles to work each day. That was 40 miles he'd have to drive home if I called saying "my contractions are 3 minutes apart, we need to go to the hospital again." My closest friend that could come help was still 15 minutes away. Then we had the baby and life settled down. Then Rylan got sick. I realized again that we live far from town, far from a hospital, grocery store, or pharmacy, and Rob is 40 minutes away. We have no friends or family close. The need to find a home closer to our friends and family picked up again. Because we aren't IN LURVE with Little Rock, it seems silly to move closer to town. So, we have set in motion our 87 part plan to get ourselves to our lovely Northwest Arkansas. It will still be awhile, Rob has that good job going for him and everything, but we will get there. Sooner than later. I hope.

Until that day comes, we will stay in our little town of Hensley. With our ducks and pond, no leash laws for all 1000 dogs in the neighborhood, and our pretty white house with our nice porch swing and swimming pool. And, we'll continue to trek it to Fayetteville at least once a month for Razorback games, niece's dance recitals, crawfish boils, b-day parties, broadway musicals and all the other stuff Cool Fayetteville has to offer.

Here's some pics from our latest excursion to Fay-town (4 days ago, whatever).
His friend Debbie+Chick-fil-A cow = BLISS
Justin's Uncle Howard making DELISH shrimp and pork loin at tailgating.
Zoe entertaining Rylan. Apparently all it took was a white pillow. He laughed for days.

Zoe holding Rylan on her "yap." I need to get a compilation of all the pics of Zoe holding Ry on her yap, as he grows and eventually dwarfs her. Next trip to Fayetteville (which is in 3 weeks, let's not kid ourselves) he'll need to hold her.

The ultimate tailgater-he made it 10+ hours and just passed out in his pack'n'play.
Saluting the team. I skipped this ritual. Maybe when I'm a Fayetteviller I'll do it
I have my football, my Dada, my pom-pom. Life is good.
One Hog-Wild family! Maybe whoever bezazzled my shirt can bedazzle my boot for my broken foot?

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