Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 1/2 months and looking good

Rylan's newest fun stuff


-Raising his hands in the air for "woo pig sooie" sometimes he even does the "woo" noise

-The Grasshopper-when he's excited about life in general he rubs his feet together like a grasshopper. Its so cute.


-"ooooyyyaaaa" (Lola the dog)

-Getting up on all fours, still no crawling, but making headway. Its a mental game, knowing that once they start the crawling its over for sitting still. At the same time, you are worried they are behind. A head game I tell you.

-Storytime at the library. We discovered a group that is strictly for kids 0-2 and it was so much fun. AND we checked books out just for Rylan. Including Curious George (Forrest Gump's favorite) and Is Your Mama a Lama (very very very good book).

-We also met other fun kids and we might have a playdate if they call us. Rylan and I are anxiously waiting to see if we are cool enough. Is this what happens after you get done with dating? After you think that biting your nails to see if they will really call is over, you have a kid, give your cell and email address to Cool Storytime Mom and then you are back to waiting for the call. Life is but a circle, isn't it????

Foods he's tried that he enjoys












-yogurt bites

-banana bread (earned an enthusiastic "guh!")

-wedding cake

-Chicken spaghetti


-homemade sweet and sour chicken

Foods he has tried that he doesn't enjoy

Here's a cute vid of Mr. Happy after a delicious dinner and yum yum dessert. Don't mind the dessert goatee he's sporting.

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