Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Awkward date story Link up

I know I should be sharing my pics from our wonderful holiday weekend or sharing my stories of (non) weight loss or doing housework or teaching my kid to recognize letters and the other one a nursery rhyme or six. Instead I'm doing a linkup with another blog because I, obviously, have my priorities in line.
But seriously, a chance to tell an awkward date story? Mmmmkay!!!! I had a hard time choosing one. I had to put the one where the balding, pencil thin mustache guy told me it was sexy when I spit my gum out to the side, because that's just a story that makes me thankful that I didn't end up on Dateline NBC as the girl that was too nice to tell the balding pencil thin mustache man that she didn't want to go jet skiing on a first date. Wow. Even 15 years later I am still so glad to be alive.

So, let's back up. 9 years ago. I am single, working night shifts in the ICU and living with 2 other nurses. We all liked to drink on our off days. My one roomate, well, when she drank she turned into an alter ego,Felicia. Felicia was really fun, but a lot to handle. Felicia once got out of the car while we were getting our order at a drive through and peed next to the car. Felicia's boyfriend (now husband) once yelled outside my door that I needed to go get her off of the front lawn because she said she needed her girls. Felicia once rode in the back of a truck after a night at a bar and flashed truckers. My friend as her normal self is now 32 and has two kids and is an Advanced Practice Nurse. We see each other at work and each other's kids' birthday parties and meet up at the zoo for playdates. Times have changed. We don't see Felicia much anymore. I miss her a little.

Well, one night, I'm working and I get a call, in the ICU, from Felicia at 2am telling me that she just met the "hottest guy" and she'd been nice enough to give him my number.  Being the idiot, sad, overworked, overtired single girl I was, I answered the phone when he called. And he was so nice, and eager to go on a date (I'm sure Felicia had really amped up my looks) and it was so close to Valentine's and I was single and pitiful, so I accepted. Something inside me was smart enough to suggest a lunch date.

And when he suggested CeCe's Pizza? I should have changed my number.

I suggested Chili's. The guy calls me twice to make sure I'm coming. I was too nice back then. Way too nice. I still met him. To say "Felicia" was wrong about the extreme hotness is a little of an understatement. Its been 9 years, so my memory is vague and I've tried to tune out the bad parts, so its probably a little off, but this is what I remember seeing.

And, bless his heart, HE WAS SO THIN! After my original shock that Ryan Reynolds himself hadn't shown up for my date, based on Felicia's description, I started getting worried about his general well being. He sat down across from me and the waist of his pants, literally, went up to his nipple line. 

We sit down and have one of the most uncomfortable conversations ever. It was painful really. He is a security guard at some office building and likes to watch wrestling and lives with his mom and we have zilcho in common. Anyone that knows me knows I can talk to a wall. I had nothing to say. Nothing. I am leaving directly from the date to drive to see my sister and I kind of act like I really need to get going. We walk to my car and I give him an awkward half hug and get in my car. 10 seconds later my cell phone starts going off. ITS HIM. He is calling me from 3 cars down. "Hey, I was wondering how you think our date went." I was literally looking at him, 3 cars away, and talking to him about the date. This poor cat. He had no skillz. I kid you not, he then asked me to be his Valentine. I asked him to give me time to, at minimum, pull out of the parking lot of the establishment we'd just had the date at before I could answer any questions. He called me like 3 more times that night and about 3 more times the next day before I told him I didn't have those lovin' feelings and could he maybe, oh bless your heart, lose my number?

Now everyone knows why, two months later, when I "remet" Rob at a bar, I pretty much lassoed him and married him a year later. You only go on a creepy date where the guy calls you from the parking lot once before you learn to keep a good thing.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Reflux is a biznitch

So, in my wittle blog break, Max had a procedure done at Children's Hospital. An EGD/Flex sig, which basically means they went down his mouth into his belly with a camera to check stuff out. The flex sig part means they went UP another area to see what there was to see. Max has had reflux his entire life. When he was a baby, he puked ALL.THE.TIME. He was a happy little puker, but it still was a lot of puke. At about a year old the puking stopped. I thought he'd moved past it, but he continued to have ear infection and asthma bouts again and again and again.

 I just so happen to work in the area that this sort of procedure takes place, so I'd talked a lot to doctors about Max. One doctor suggested taking him off dairy, thinking that he might be intolerant and it caused his reflux to go so high that it was getting his his ear canals and causing infection. We started no dairy a little over a year ago and for a while it worked. No ear infections for several months. Then he started having them again, though no where near as often. Then he started showing signs of reflux again, I could hear it in the back of his throat, he'd have those hiccups that look painful and sound worse. Then we went to his 2 year checkup and he had not gained one pound since his one year checkup and his growth had slowed. 

It was time to stop seeking free advice from the doctors I work with and be a normal paying patient. The doctor immediately tested Max for celiac and several food allergies. He also wanted him to be on Prevacid (which our pediatrician has not been a fan of this whole time). After 4 weeks with Prevacid, we'd do a scope.

He was obviously pretty nervous. Every nurse or doctor got a complete tutorial on Mickey Mouse

No he didn't get any medicine to make him loopy, he's nuts on his own. He wanted to ride in the bed like this.

He did fine in the procedure, and they actually did not find anything major. There was worry that he had a disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. There is no evidence, now, that he has this. However, there is SOMETHING causing all of this major reflux. The doctor suggested taking him off of wheat. At first I was against it. Since the start of prevacid and more vigorous trying towards getting Max to sit and eat his dinner, he had gained four pounds and seemed like he overall felt better. Then Max got his thirty hundredth ear infection last Friday. I had to call in. It just so happened to be on the day that Max's doctor was scoping, so he knew that Max was sick. And he called me personally to ask me to take away wheat. So, here we go. Wheat and dairy free. Don't worry, I'll blog about it.

We also had our last MOPS meeting. This last year was special for me because I had been asked to be a table leader. I was scared about being a leader of any sort. I got a good group of ladies at my table and we had a good year. I've been told that I don't have to reapply for my "job" like a Vegas dancer, so that's good. I'm going to miss all the business that MOPS held while we have our summer hiatus. I know my kids will too. They had just as much fun as me.

I also had the end of the year conference with Rylan's therapists. As of March, he was 76% able to speak at an age appropriate level. 80% will get him kicked out of speech therapy. His therapist is sure, based on his last two therapy appointments that his coming test (next Wednesday) will come out well over 80%. Can you believe this? This is the same kid that called a drink a "nurch" and sounded German/Chinese for almost 3 years!!!! This time last year, only his dad and I could understand him fully. Now? Everyone can! I'm so happy.

Developmental therapy is a different story. I had to make a few phone calls about one therapist and basically threaten to remove him from therapy at one point. I hate doing that, but I'll do it for my kid. And it helped. Towards the end of the year, Rylan started being seen 1:1 instead of being paired with another kid and he started getting the therapy he needed and deserved. I am hoping that I can work with him this summer and by the time he gets back to school next August, he'll blow them away with his scores and we might be able to say goodbye to that therapy sooner than later.  I've looked into other therapy centers and they don't offer what he needs, so we are kind of stuck with this situation, so I'm going to make lemonade out of those lemons. He'll also be starting a developmental preschool in the fall. I looked into him starting it this summer, but when I went to tour the facility, they explained their summer program as a lot of fun and games and not so much school time, so we'll save our money for the fall when the school time starts.

I am so thankful to be these boys mommy. I feel like God knew what he was doing when he gave us a couple of curveballs. Rob and I have grown up and grown together learning how to live off of one income so that I can stay home and tend to the therapy and medical needs of the kids. I'll never regret not working during this time. Its where I need to be. On Wednesday, we stayed home and played in our pool and Rylan declared it "the best day ever" and he filled my heart up all kinds of completely.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish That Sentence, Volume 4

Oops...I did it again. I linked up to another blog. Twice in one week.

Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....I don't make money at my full time job. Compared to me, they are hundrednaires. Possible thousandaires.

Well hello skinnier, tanner, blonder Sara. 
Don't I look like Angie and Tammy were put in a blender and out came me?

My best friend says...I should own my big boobs and have them hoisted out of every shirt at any time possible. I love her.

People call me...Sara ROAR (maiden name reference), Quallsy, Hey you, mom, mommy, mama

I most often dream...that I'm trying to breastfeed Max and Ry again. Its really weird, but I've been having this dream lately where my kids are crying and I breastfeed their gigantic 2 and 4 year old selves. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN. LIKE.....EVER.

The best part of my day...is the minute I get to take my bra off is when my kids wake up and are all sweet and cozy. Rylan is so cuddly and like a cat purring the first minute he wakes up.

I really don't understand...football. THERE! I said it!!!! We pay mucho money to go to Razorback games and many people have explained it to me. I even dated a guy in high school that was a Mountain Home Bomber. Nothing. I understand NOTHING.

I get really annoyed...at people that hate perfectly good people just because they've chosen a life that is different from their own. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T LOOK AT IT. Live a good life. Love your neighbor. If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. Love, peace, and chicken grease.

There's nothing like a...A Sonic drink on a hot day. 

Lately, I can't get enough... eggs. Its so weird. I love boiled eggs lately. 

One thing I am NOT is...organized? On time? 

I spent too much money on...Dollar Tree items. That is so sick! I never leave there without spending at least $30. That is 30 items. That is too many.

I want to learn....to crochet.Seriously. 

If I ever met _________, I would...Melissa McCarthy, I fear I would scare her with my NEED to be her best friend. She is my sister from another mister fo sho!

I can't stop...biting my nails and the skin around them. I think losing weight is proving easier!

Never have I ever...camped with Rob. Bedrest didn't break us. Having 2 sick littles less than 2 years apart didn't break us. Living off of one income didn't break us. I think camping would.

Reese Witherspoon...is making me very thankful for the good luck I've had in my life. There were many nights that my drunk, loud mouth would have gotten me in worse trouble than she is in right now.

Yes, I've done two linkups this week, which makes me all kinds of blogger awesome. Or a loser......awesome.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work Out Wednesday

Every diet restarts on a Monday. Mine restarted on a Wednesday. Today Wednesday. I've been like an ocean wave with the getting in shape/weight loss goals. I'll be gung ho, then fall off the wagon, slightly come back, fall off again, REALLY FALL OFF, and then gung ho again and so the vicious circle continues. It stopped today.

I'd give you a story, or sob story about my fall off the wagon, but I've done enough of that here, here, and here.  I haven't done that bad, I was just doing awesome, and I started slipping into old habits. Diet sodas instead of water, going out to eat, calling Rob to bring dinner home, not working out enough. That sort of thing. I'm not beating myself up, I'm just getting up and starting again.

I've mentioned that I stalk read blogs. Its my past time. I don't really love a lot of TV shows, mostly smut TV that I can zone out of while folding laundry, scrapbooking is hard with the kids around, and I don't seem to have the attention span for books at the moment, but I do enjoy reading blogs while sipping my morning cuppa joe (which I need to switch to green tea, but that's a whole 'nother post). One of the blogs I enjoy is Skinny Meg. She's lost something like, a thousand pounds, or maybe 110, I get lost in the numbers. She's changed from someone with a lot of weight to lose to someone that honestly loves working out and loves blogging about what works and what doesn't. She started doing linkups for Wednesdays, where people post their workout. And, I'm like "why the heck not?" It really gave me the push in the rear I needed to get off my arse and workout today, when all I wanted to do was sit and fold laundry while watching Chelsea Lately on the DVR.


This is me, pre-workout, wearing makeup and a necklace and all smiley.

Then I do Zumba Rush
Its a sweatfest. I heart it. That gal on the DVD? I want her arms.

This is me, shiny foreheaded, post workout, in a pic taken by my Ry. He's basically the next photographer for Vogue.

Then I decided that I would be a loser if I Workout Wednesday'd and only did 23 minutes. So I worked out my arms till they cried for mercy. Not really, I need heavier weights. Maybe I'll look like the gal from Zumba by December.

Tricep presses: 15x3sets
Bicep curls 15x3 sets
Girl Pushups:10x3sets
Hammer Curls 15x3sets
Tricep kickbacks 30x3 sets 
Flies 15x3 sets
Lateral raises 15x3

All with a 5lb weight. I'm asking for heavier weights for Mother's Day. I can carry Rylan and Max at the same time and they weigh a combined 70lbs, pretty sure I need to step up my weight lifting. You know, so I can have a gun show.

This is me after weights. I am sweaty like a beast. I hope to look like this every single day from now on, cause it will mean I worked hard.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family pictures....the ones we aren't supposed to show

We took these pics forever ago but only recently got the cd with all the pics on it.  Its easy to see a perfect family photo and believe that that family is perfect and their life is perfect. We got the perfect shot and sent it out for Christmas cards, and are blowing it up for a huge pic on the wall, but  I just love the pics that went wrong. Because they are SO REAL. Rob and I are raising a couple of nuts together! And we have photographic proof. 

I'd put money that Max is saying "ride a horsey, neigh!"

There my daddy!

Um....Rob and I were ready, Rylan's belly and Max's boob grab? Not so much.

Look at that face I'm making at Rob!!! And he says the kids are crazy because of me!!!

Awww, it was precious and beautiful till Rob pooped out the 2 year old

Choking your brother is sooooo funny

I'm sexy and I know it

Me cornholio

Still cornholio

Mom screwed this one up

And this one

Things really started going downhill

And farther

And farther

But, we got one, and we love it

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bucket List Check Off

When I was a wee little lass, my family moved from Kansas to Mountain Home, AR. We left behind us many many many family members (I have 36 first cousins....seriously) that we missed terribly. So, every year (sometimes twice a year) we'd pack up half the house into my parents Ford Econoline Van and trek 10+ hours back to Kansas. Sometimes we'd trek when it was so frozen outside all the toilets at gas stations were frozen over. One time we ate Christmas Dinner at an IHOP trying to get to KS to see our peeps. 

As one would expect, many a memory were made in that Ford Econoline van. My favorite memories are the ones of us singing all together. My dad had a briefcase with cassettes in it, very varied music cassettes. Ranging anywhere from the soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof, to Paul Simon, to the Mamas and Papas. My poor dad, with his 3 daughters, that couldn't carry a tune, belting out song after song after song while he drove. One of our favorite cassettes was Fleetwood Mac. When Fleetwood Mac got back together and made their reunion cd, my dad copied it to a cassette and added it to the mix. We listened to it so much, we could even talk in between the songs with Stevie and Christine and Lindsey. 

So, over the years, Rob was aware that I liked Fleetwood Mac. When he presented me with tickets to see them in Little Rock as my Christmas present, he found out I REALLY liked them. Like, LOVED them. I do believe I squealed. 

The lighting is awful and it is 2 inches from our face, but OMG was I a happy camper this last Friday night. We needed a night out, alone, so bad, and what an awesome reason for one!!!  I danced and sang (off key, of course) and didn't even get pissy when the drunk lady next to me spilled a margarita on my leg. I even gave us an awesome new quote "I'm not as drunk as I smell!!! That lady spilled on me!" Stevie Nicks rocked her face off and I have a new crush on Lindsey Buckingham. He's pretty much moved Colin Firth over as my new older boyfriend.

So, check this one off my bucket list, now I need to bungee jump and go to Ireland with Rob.....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We got a sweet new ride

Confession: until a month ago, I was driving a ten year old Ford Escape with 190,000 miles on it. Rob? His is a 2001 Honda with 220,000 miles on it. Kind of playing the slots on that one weren't we? 

I've been kind of money savy my whole life. Ever since I started having kids, I have become a bit of an Extreme couponer, make my own babyfood and laundry detergent, and breastfed more for cost savings than belief in the health benefits.** You get my drift.  I've turned into a bit of a biter, pincher, saver, scratcher. Within the last year, I listened to Dave Ramsey and his "live like no one else, so that, someday you can live like no one else" shtick. He pretty much talked me into never having debt, ever again, ever, ever, ever. 

She's gold. She's humungo. And she's all mine. Hey Gold Minner.

 We don't plan on having more kids, so we don't NEED room for 7 people ALL the time. But, we do enjoy having family here and being able to drive into Little Rock all in one vehicle, and I keep kids for my friends some days and give rides to moms in the area without cars. Its so nice to have those options.Plus its just a pimp vehicle. Most beautiful? She's paid off!!! Yaskies!
 And, the kids LURVE the van. Like love love love love
When we get home, their first question "can we play in the van?"

I'm trying to get shades as large as my vehicle. Getting there......

**Just a disclaimer-I do believe breastfeeding has amazingly awesome health benefits for the baby and, if it goes well,  it is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. Studies show that the mom passes on immunity and many healthy benefits of breastfeeding. The boys and I? We were obviously not part of those studies. I breastfed both babies and they BOTH ended up with asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic ear infections, surgery before one year of life, and multiple other crazy illnesses. So, after, like, 6 months, it became more of something I was doing to save us money more than provide health for my youngin. Or maybe both. Probably both. It WAS an awesome money saver and way of losing baby weight. And, in the case of Max, it was a very bonding experience. Poor Rylan and Mommy. Between his tongue tie and my emotions post bedrest and c-section-we just couldn't get it together.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm back, and I've got pics

In my last post, I might have mentioned that my toddler  someone poured water on our laptop and that I am using our old desktop computer, which leaves me shoved between the kitchen table and wall. It also means I had to find the cord to connect the computer and camera, since our computer is, say, older than the ones you can simply stick your photo card into.

Now....to get Sara to remember to do ANYTHING. It took a while. But, I remembered. I also remembered to make Rylan a four year checkup appointment. Since he was four in November.My time management skills really getting better all the time.

I'd love to be a blogger that blogged every day. Because I feel you need to hear anything I have to say? Nope. I just sort of have a LOT to say and I stay home with my kids and discuss Spiderman and Mickey Mouse ALL. DAY. LONG. and I feel when I see actual adults, that I sort of diarrhea of the mouth talk their ear off. So, blogging kind of eases that a bit. My poor mom is retired and gets a phone call every other day and 9 times out of 10, I forget why I called and STILL don't let that poor woman off the phone for 45 mins. So, blogging every day. I'll get right on that.

EASTER!!!! Oh beloved Easter. So what if it was in March and its now May? We went to Mountain Home to visit my parents and sisters. Of course it rained and rained and rained, so pre-Easter festivities at the local church had to be moved indoors.
Easter Bunny, kinda creeps

Easter tattoo

Not a fan of his tattoo

Toddler egg hunting

4 year old egg hunting

As close as I've gotten to both looking at the camera at once

Rylan and Zoe in one of the cutest setups I've ever seen. In the train, under my mom's umbrella and Rylan wearing my sweater.

My middle sister, Angie

Angie and our dad

I hope Rob and I still like each other this much 35 years from now

Or this much

Easter morning my parents hosted an Easter breakfast and invited friends Mike and Rex.
Sidenote: there was a murder trial going on in Mountain Home at the time. Mike, Rex, and my dad, being awesomely retired men of leisure, had started attending the murder trial just for shits and giggles and they got HOOKED. Here is Mike explaining the story behind something that ended up in the paper. A murder trial makes for very excellent Easter conversation.

Max lurves his Uncle Clay

I double heart love muh mommy!