Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, Max, you cute 4 (and a half) month old thing

15 pounds 14 ounces of sweet cheek, lovable goodness.

This boy could not get more precious if he tried. And why would he try, if this much preciousness just came natural? So, our sweet, snuggly, BABY boy is now rolling, laughing till he sucks air, and pretty much insisting on being stood up in your lap at all times. He loves Rylan, watches him constantly and laughs at his craziness.

Oh, and that whole, 15 lbs, 14 oz at the 4 month visit? That was 16 days ago. As of, Friday, at his sick visit, its 17 pounds of sweet cheek cuteness. To quote his Doctor: "dang that's a big kid." Story of our lives doc, story of our lives. I shall be dwarfed by my children by the time they are 5.

Here he is entertaining me during one of my steroid induced sleepless nights. It was good to have some cute, monkey footed company.
All business casual and uber cute
And aren't these two cute, being all matchy matchy? They didn't call Rylan and I to put on our lime green shirts. Whatevs.

AND NOW........A new addition to the blog (for the next 97 days)
Does anyone watch I Used to be Fat on MTV? I think we've discussed that I watch ridiculous reality TV when we own a DVR/satellite. I don't feel quite as bad, since most of my ridiculous TV watching is done between the hours of 11pm and 5am while I am breastfeeding an infant and trying to stay awake. I feel it makes it less cheap or something. Anyway, all the people on the show have an alotted amount of days before they leave for college to lose weight and their trainers give them this peel off calender that's really awesome and they peel off a page every day till their diet/training is over. I did one for myself, except instead of using some awesome printshop I used a free pad of paper from my work and a sharpie. Still counts.

In 97 days, we are leaving for Gulf Shores. Home of shorts, bathing suits, the ocean, short sleeves, and flip flops. It is also the end to the Rohr Family Slimdown Challenge, and I still haven't given up on winning $200. I'll need some money for all the shorts, bathing suits, and flip flops I'll be buying, cause if I learned anything after last summer's hellish heat, its that you need to get your body ready for shorts next summer, Sara. You won't have the gigantic baby belly to steer their eyes away from your tree trunk legs and it is hot up in Little Rock in the summa time! Anyway, I'll be updating about my progress. Workouts, weight loss.

So, 97 days to go. I've lost 9 pounds so far. Since we are still recouperating from the flu, my exercise today is consisting of getting our house put back together and playing with my boys. Anything more than that sets off a coughing spurt and the sweats. I know I sound hot, don't lie. I put together a soundtrack for cleaning so that when I clean, I'll make it a bit bouncy or something.
Here's Rylan exemplifying our alarmingly healthy eating. Usually he waits till they are peeled, but this day, he was good with the straight out of the ground sort. Yuck.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outbreak, without Dustin Hoffman or Morgan Freeman

The baby boys both have fevers now. Looks like my strep test didn't turn all streppy and this was probably full blown flu *. Sooooo, I'm pricing 5 of these bad boys.

One adult/tall
One adult/short
One 4T for the 2 year old
One 6-9 month for the4 month old.
One canine version for Lola

*I do realize that, being a nurse and mother, that it is silly to have not gotten a flu shot, especially since I've had about 1,000 doctor appointments lately. I simply had way too much else on the noggin these last months. Rylan did get his, so if this is flu, he'll, hopefully, have a very mild case. And, fingers crossed, Rob and Lola had immune systems like a couple of oxes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Excuses, excuses

1. Death fever pain returned
2. I have 2 kids 2 and under, one is teething, the other is being a little bit 2-ish
3. I've taken up working out
4. I have strep throat AND bronchitis

These are my new excuses for my blog break. Let's just say that after Max's 2nd ear infection in a month and Rylan's bronchiolitis and my Death Fever pain, that I had maybe a little bit of a meltdown. Blogging was the first to go and I just haven't gotten back in the habit. That and I lost my camera cord to transfer pics to my computer (no worries, its been found) and posts aren't any good without sassy toddlers and gummy baby pics.

Doc put me on a large amount of steroids for the Death Fever, and they have definitely helped. Max would be golden if that dang tooth would just pop through and Rylan, even if he loves the word no and screams "POOPIE" in the middle of a quiet library, he's still my favorite firstborn in all the land. After I shake this strep/bronchitis/fever of 103, I promise I'll be back!