Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a busy and wonderful life

Okay, its 6am on a Saturday, all the boys, dogs, and other creatures are sleeping. I've snuck on here to blog. I'm on the computer plenty, but its more of a reading/lurking fashion as I feed my little bambino 75 times a day, and I just can't type one handed, I've tried and I'm no good.

Life as I know it is crazy and busy and wonderful. There is a definite difference between one child and two. I expected all the regular craziness. But, what I didn't expect was that, while still crazy, most of the time I have a certain zen feeling about it. After I had Rylan, I felt like I was in a fog almost all the time. Sleepiness overwhelmed me, I moved at half speed, I'd go all day and never seem to get much done. And I was an emotional, hormonal mess. I think that because I have Rylan as a bouncing (almost) two year old, that needs me to have my whits about me and be more than a sleepy, hormonal mess, that I am functioning at least 75% this time. Thank you, Rylan. And thank you to my mama, and my friends, Kristi and Michelle. Mom stayed with me for a week and cleaned and cooked and played with Rylan and let me nap and sit. Kristi and Michelle each took Rylan for a day, so I could lay around with Max and get extra sleep and heal from my c-section.

So, as for the crazy and busy. I'm not talking about the normal "I have two kids and I don't know when to shower." At 1.5 weeks Max developed an alarming cough that sounded like a wheeze/pertussis mix and scared the freakin bejeezes out of us. I took him to the doctor, where they tested him for RSV and he got his first chest xray (sad times). When they came to do the RSV test the nurse said "are you going to take after Rylan?" to Max and it was everything I could do not to say "YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!" But, thankfully, no RSV, no bronchitis, just a case of reflux. The cough is better, but now Max has developed the pukes after every feeding, like lots of pukes. The other day I went through 5 shirts of my own. He also has awful hiccups after every feeding and moans pretty much all night long. He and I have started sleeping in the living room so he can be elevated in the bouncy seat or swing and Daddy can sleep so he can function at work. I've gone off dairy in an attempt to see if he has a possible dairy intolerance. I'm tired of sleeping on my couch as I had to the last 2 months of my pregnancy, and I really want my baby to be comfortable and I'd really like a glass of milk and maybe a hug?

Also, our million dollar dog, Curt, has gone all kinds of ill as well. He also has an alarming cough. We've been dealing with that for months and it was diagnosed as Allergic Bronchitis and he has to go get an allergy shot every 6 weeks or so. We went the same week that Max was born, and by 3 weeks, Curt was coughing and couldn't stop. He also took to his bed last weekend and couldn't be persauded to leave it, even when Rylan threw cereal on the floor. So, to the vet I went with a 23 month old, 3 week old, and 15 year old pooch. Maybe I should skip the milk and go find some wine???? Well, one horrible heart murmur later, Curt is in Congestive Heart Failure and now has 4 medications and special dog food. The good news is that he is better, back to following Rylan around for dropped food and frolicking with our other dog, the bad news is that he's getting old and its not going very gracefully. I must have looked all kinds of pitiful crazy because the doctor carried Max's seat out to the car for me, then went and got all the food and medicines and put them in the car, loaded Rylan in his seat for me, and waited at my car while I went in and paid for the visit. That's the nice part of small town life. Pitiful or not, a Little Rock vet would have waved me on.

Now for all the sweet wonderful news and pictures. First of all, Rylan is Wonder Big Brother. He has astounded us with his sweetness and attentiveness to his little brother. Every day he gets up and a big smile comes across his face when he sees Max. Its like he forgets he has a little brother and gets a good suprise every morning. He hugs him and kisses him, loves to "hold" him and gets upset when Max cries. At first he called Max "baby" or "Aubrey" which is the name of the little girl that I babysit. Now he is still mostly calling him "baby", but we are getting a "Ma" out of him every once in a while. And, even with a little reflux, and doggie CHF, life is good. Really good.

Despite his belly trouble, Max is a calm, chilled baby. And snuggly, snuggly, snuggly. He doesn't even really cry with his belly issues, more grunts and moans until the offensive hiccups or gas go away, then he's good till he's hungry again. Now, you let that boy go hungry, he'll yell. REAL LOUD. I birthed some eaters, that's for sure.

Here is Max all dress up and ready to leave the hospital. Not his best shot, but still cute.

And, in an awesome show of sweetness and preciousness, my sister made us a sidewalk chalk Welcome Home sign. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.

And here is Snuggles the Max looking all precious and cuddly and cute. He's gained back all the weight he lost in the hospital and I think its all in those kissable cheeks
The Bouncy Chair returns. This was Rylan's go-to baby item. Max likes it pretty well too.
My birthday, I am now 30-something
This is one of my best friends, Debbie. She married another wonderful friend of our, Justin two weeks after the baby came. Rob and I went to high school with both of them and they are some of our favorite people in the world. We go to lots of Razorback festivities with them, we've been to Vegas with them and many other fun things. I found out I was pregnant a few days after they got engaged, so I had to step down as bridesmaid, but at least we got to go to the wedding! It was gorgeous and wonderful and I freakin' love them as a couple! My body was even nice enough to heal faster than normal (once again, thank you Kristi, Michelle and Mom) and I fit into a pre-pregnancy dress that was forgiving in shape and my sausage feet decreased enough for a pair of heals and I was able to hang out until about 10pm, when my body said ENOUGH!
My awesome mama takes a break from cooking and cleaning to cuddle with Snuggles the Max.

Brother love

And more precious brotherly love.

Okay, it took an hour to type this, Rylan is now up and watching Micky Mouse, the dogs are yelling to come back in and Max is stirring with his pre-scream grunts of hunger. You are all updated. I shall make it my November promise to blog way more and make the blog posts much, much shorter.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We had a baby! We had a baby!

7:57 am October 1st, 2010
8 pounds, 6 ounces
21 inches long
14.25 inches of head
Maxton Robert Qualls is here!!!!

Despite being scared nearly the whole pregnancy, we safely made it to 39 weeks, and walked into the hospital ready to have a baby. We left Rylan with my mom and dad at our house, and I waddled into a nearly perfect labor situation. As perfect as I can get. In my previous birth, I was sick, I had high blood pressure, I was fuzzy headed from drugs they gave me, and the baby developed trouble (his cord was wrapped around his belly), requiring an emergency c-section. This time, all was calm. The biggest problem was that my bootie showed to all the birthing room while I got my spinal block.

Here is a pic that morning. In all my pregnant, pregnant glory. A little part of me was still wondering if there might be 2 babies in that belly.

I have no shot of my open back gown, booty in yo' face spinal block being placed. Your welcome.
Here is an awesome action shot. A benefit of having a c-section is that (well, besides getting to lay there and do jack crap instead of push) is that your husband has his hands free to take action shots. This is seriously an awesome shot. Check out that umbilical ord in the bottom left of the picture. Its like a fire hose.

I'm spying my baby for the first time. They are weighing him and suctioning him and letting Rob cut the fire hose umbilical cord. I was thinking "DANG, Rob and I make cute babies!"

I have a rag on my head because the spinal block made me viciously ill and I became afraid of hurling all over that tarp in front of me. The nice nurse anesthetist gave me some meds and this cold rag and I was good as gold.
And, finally I get to hold my baby. We are finally Rob and Sara Plus One Plus 1 More.
And let me just tell you, he is the snuggliest, sweetest little thing in the world. You put him up on your chest and he will mold into your shoulder and be your best friend.

I could look at this picture all day and night and it is getting an especially special place in my house. At first Rylan was a little more excited about the arrival of his cousins, the plethora of blue gloves in the hospital room, and the interesting tubes draining fluid in and our of his mama to really pay attention to his new brother. But, once most of the family left and he'd had his fill of gloves and such, he sat down and loved on his baby.

I'm sorry it took me 14 days. I have meant to blog so much sooner. Its just not nice to keep you hanging. Rob stayed home with us for a week and then my mommy came for most of the next week, so I wanted to take advantage of all the extra eyes and arms while I had them, and I napped and recovered. My c-section revovery is 100% better than my previous one. I've been so lucky.

Stay tuned. Let me get myself together with this whole life with 2 kids under 2 and I'll update with many more cute pics.