Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute kids, loser horses, and thank you Charlie Sheen for the good quotes

I'm so behind with any kind of updates. I need Go Go Gadget arms, and maybe 8 of them these days. Rylan loves baby Max so much right now, and his love is strong..............
Precious, right?
And, maybe a little rough (notice wooden block right next to Max's head and a Rylan hand directly above it, thank goodness he has a horrible shot!)

Blog time got replaced by goalie/umpire/referee to save poor Max from a flouncing 2 year old. So instead of doing a blogpost for all of our outings that I've photographed, then boring you with my chattiness, I'll just lump them all together and give you cute pics of cute babies.
Little bored with brotherly love time
They are starting to love the new double jogger I got. The key is to start the walk about 20 minutes before Rylan's nap time. And don't lay Max down. He's not a layer. He's a sit and smiler.
One morning last week, I got up to do an good, old fashioned 80's Gilad workout (notice spandex and leotards) and I convinced Rylan that we were dancing. It was so precious, he was trying so hard to follow the people.
Rylan and I have a daily play-dough date. He was trying for a mustache. At least I hope.

Max has started baby food. This was a carrot day. I'd say he's a fan

Rylan is my super helpful helper these days. He REALLY likes helping clean the fridge out
This is how I ensure a safe, uninterrupted shower these days. You simply CANNOT have enough baby prisons. Or toddler prisons.

Sooooo, Ry found my book "YOU! On a Diet" and he loves it, flips through it every day all serious like. I'm only half kidding when I say that I expect him to one day bust out "mom, you are carrying weight around your waist, in an apple-type body type and this will increase your chance of heart trouble."

This past weekend, our little family joined Rob's parents in Hot Springs for a mini-vacay. It was such a nice getaway. Thank you so much, Bob and Sandy. Or as Rylan calls you "Papa and Papa." On Saturday Rob's mom took care of Rylan, while Rob, his dad, Max and I partook of some horse racing. As usual, I was able to correctly bet the freakin' last horse of all all the races I watched.
What are Bob, Rob and Max doing? WINNING, DUH!

Ry was a big fan of the hotel. He's on a drug, its called Rylan Qualls


  1. I love your chattiness! ;) Never stop! ;)
    So glad we get to see you guys tomorrow! :D

  2. So many precious pics, it's hard to pick a favorite. Ok, it's the one of Rylan with the Play-Doh up his nose. :)