Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work Out Wednesday

Every diet restarts on a Monday. Mine restarted on a Wednesday. Today Wednesday. I've been like an ocean wave with the getting in shape/weight loss goals. I'll be gung ho, then fall off the wagon, slightly come back, fall off again, REALLY FALL OFF, and then gung ho again and so the vicious circle continues. It stopped today.

I'd give you a story, or sob story about my fall off the wagon, but I've done enough of that here, here, and here.  I haven't done that bad, I was just doing awesome, and I started slipping into old habits. Diet sodas instead of water, going out to eat, calling Rob to bring dinner home, not working out enough. That sort of thing. I'm not beating myself up, I'm just getting up and starting again.

I've mentioned that I stalk read blogs. Its my past time. I don't really love a lot of TV shows, mostly smut TV that I can zone out of while folding laundry, scrapbooking is hard with the kids around, and I don't seem to have the attention span for books at the moment, but I do enjoy reading blogs while sipping my morning cuppa joe (which I need to switch to green tea, but that's a whole 'nother post). One of the blogs I enjoy is Skinny Meg. She's lost something like, a thousand pounds, or maybe 110, I get lost in the numbers. She's changed from someone with a lot of weight to lose to someone that honestly loves working out and loves blogging about what works and what doesn't. She started doing linkups for Wednesdays, where people post their workout. And, I'm like "why the heck not?" It really gave me the push in the rear I needed to get off my arse and workout today, when all I wanted to do was sit and fold laundry while watching Chelsea Lately on the DVR.


This is me, pre-workout, wearing makeup and a necklace and all smiley.

Then I do Zumba Rush
Its a sweatfest. I heart it. That gal on the DVD? I want her arms.

This is me, shiny foreheaded, post workout, in a pic taken by my Ry. He's basically the next photographer for Vogue.

Then I decided that I would be a loser if I Workout Wednesday'd and only did 23 minutes. So I worked out my arms till they cried for mercy. Not really, I need heavier weights. Maybe I'll look like the gal from Zumba by December.

Tricep presses: 15x3sets
Bicep curls 15x3 sets
Girl Pushups:10x3sets
Hammer Curls 15x3sets
Tricep kickbacks 30x3 sets 
Flies 15x3 sets
Lateral raises 15x3

All with a 5lb weight. I'm asking for heavier weights for Mother's Day. I can carry Rylan and Max at the same time and they weigh a combined 70lbs, pretty sure I need to step up my weight lifting. You know, so I can have a gun show.

This is me after weights. I am sweaty like a beast. I hope to look like this every single day from now on, cause it will mean I worked hard.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for pushing yourself, THAT'S what I'm talking about!!