Thursday, February 17, 2011

Excuses, excuses

1. Death fever pain returned
2. I have 2 kids 2 and under, one is teething, the other is being a little bit 2-ish
3. I've taken up working out
4. I have strep throat AND bronchitis

These are my new excuses for my blog break. Let's just say that after Max's 2nd ear infection in a month and Rylan's bronchiolitis and my Death Fever pain, that I had maybe a little bit of a meltdown. Blogging was the first to go and I just haven't gotten back in the habit. That and I lost my camera cord to transfer pics to my computer (no worries, its been found) and posts aren't any good without sassy toddlers and gummy baby pics.

Doc put me on a large amount of steroids for the Death Fever, and they have definitely helped. Max would be golden if that dang tooth would just pop through and Rylan, even if he loves the word no and screams "POOPIE" in the middle of a quiet library, he's still my favorite firstborn in all the land. After I shake this strep/bronchitis/fever of 103, I promise I'll be back!


  1. You are sick?! :( I had no idea that you had strep/bronchitis/fever...:( Poor thing! Do you need anything(that I can give you without getting very close to you)? ;)

  2. Sheesh!!! When are you going to catch a break!?

  3. Yeah, Cheryll, I thought it was just allergies, but on Tuesday night I took a turn for the worse and by midnight I was saying I would rather have another c-section than have any more of what I've got. At least with a c-section you get a cute baby! But, I'm good as gold, my dad hopped in the car and is taking car of the kiddos and I'm lying in the bed drooling on myself!

  4. Poor girl. :( I'm having a little bit of a sympathy meltdown for you right this very moment, if that helps??!