Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pigs and Pumpkins

You know that dream where you are running from the bad guy, but you have quick sand in your shoes, so you know he's eventually come get you, no matter what you do? I realized I've been having that dream. Except the damsel in distress is Rylan, and the bad guy is Swine Flu. He caught us. Rylan's got the H1N1. He's had the ear infections, the RSV, the Fifth's Disease, stomach flu, and lotsa colds. Why wouldn't the Piggy Flu hit us? I was just kind hoping. Alot. He's being such a trouper. He did roll over and try to eat the plant last night, so maybe he's on his way back to health. So far, crossing fingers and toes, Rob and I are well. Tired because poor Rylan is up alot at night, H1N1 is painful. But well all the same.

On a happier note, the day before he got sick, we took Rylan to a Pumpkin Patch. So much fun. We went to a middle-of-the-road Pumpkin Patch. Somewhere in between simply going and picking a pumpkin out of a bin of pumpkins and having a carnival and scarecrow clowns and such. He fed some goats and chickens at the petting zoo, then we took him to the actual Pumpkin Patch and got a pumpkin for each of us (large, medium and small). He was very serious about the pumpkin being in the wagon with him. I'm pretty sure it became his baby and he felt he needed to protect it. And eat it. He cried when we took them out to weigh them.

I'm hoping he had a good time. I know we loved watching him. I think I have a bucket list of all the things I want to see my son do and see. I didn't realize it, but everything that I hear is happening I'm automatically thinking "oh I need to take Ry!" Check off Pumpkin Patch. Except I think the list resets itself with each birthday.

New best friend
Protector 'o' the pumpkin

Rylan decided to do his "woo" pig sooie mid picture
I guess we just put Rylan down in lots of pumpkin spots

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