Monday, June 10, 2013

I love my children. Say it, rinse, and repeat.

Y'all know I love my kids like a fat kid loves cake, right? That I pretty much don't remember what life was like without them. That I pretty much devoted an entire blog to talking about the goings on of our household and 9 times out of 10, the goings on are about my kids? Just felt like I needed to preface this post with how much I love these two children.

This little munchkin lifted my dress up in the middle of church yesterday, exposing the back half of the church to my dimply, ugly butt and old, ugly gray cotton unders.

-Have I mentioned that we go to casual service and I usually wear khaki pants, capris or sometimes even jeans, but yesterday had gotten up and ran and was feeling slightly sassy and a tiny bit thinner and wanted to put on a nice dress?

-Have I mentioned we are going to a new church and a lot of people are just getting to know us?

-Have I mentioned that we usually sit in the back and this one time we let Ry pick the chair and he sat way, way way further up in church, allowing more people to get the awesome show.

This little munchkin has decided that he doesn't want to go to bed. Bedtime is equivalent to "hey Sara, do you want to be pregnant again?" in my brain. The pure thought of putting him to bed makes me cringe and remember all of the pain of the past.  He doesn't want to sleep in his bed anymore. We've made him a nice pallet on the floor, but he has to get up about eleventy hundred times to ask for water, food, a different place to sleep. He suddenly wants to cuddle. He needs to be read a book. He is really really hungry. (sidenote: we offer him cuddles, food, books ALL.DAY.LONG). We have a safety knob on his door that makes it to where he can't open his door from the inside. If shit really hits the fan, we close his door and let him scream. If its an extra special night, he gets out of his room anyway, and comes and hands us the dismantled safety knob. Kid is MacGyver. 

If, by chance he goes immediately to sleep, like he did last night, because he was soooo tired from no nap and playing in the sprinkler all day, we are treated to a midnight showing, and hours (yes I said and meant hours) of needs. Water. Food. A different place to lay. A cuddle. A book. He is really really really hungry.

I keep reminding myself that when Rylan went through these antics, we had a small baby and I was still nursing and recovering from Death Fever (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever). We can do this. We can do this. We can do this.

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