Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The $5 challenge

Truth be told: I don't like the size I am in at the moment. Based on the brand/store, I wear a 14 or a 16. I am actively trying to eat better/workout more to reduce my size. Those two things put together make me want to spend zip zero zilch on new clothes for myself. Because of this, I find myself buying crap at Walmart that is thin and ill made and doesn't really look great on me just so I don't have to spend too much on myself. Well, I had a work function that required dress up clothes. It was unseasonably cool that evening and I needed pants. I had no dressy pants. None. I thought I had one pitiful pair but I could not find them. I ended up wearing a skirt with no pantyhose in freezing cold weather. And I didn't really like the skirt either.

One day, I'm trying on another crappy pair of pants at a cheap store and I have an epiphany. The $5 challenge. One thing people that lose shit tons of weight love and hate is that they have to constantly buy new clothes and it gets expensive. So, as I'm trying to lose weight, and losing weight, and losing more weight, I am going to go to thrift/second hand/consignment stores and buy something for $5 or less. It can be anything from jeans to a belt, to shoes, to jewelry, to a shirt, to a scarf. Anything. 

WEEK 1-Civitan Shop Bryant, AR
A.N.A. shirt-$3
Don't mind the awkward angle or the bright light above me. Ever since I let Rylan take my post workout pic a few weeks ago, he's declared himself my official photographer. This shirt is cute on its own, but a tad busy for my usual black tshirt wearing self, but with a little cardi over it, its adorable.

Week #2 Goodwill Store, Mountain Home, AR
Wedges-New York and Co

Week #3 Savers, North Little Rock, AR
I guess I kind of cheated and got two things, but they were a set and should have been sold as such, in my cheap opinion!!!!!!!

So, for $11, I have a shirt, shoes and jewelry and I love them all and actually wear them. And get this? The first two? Name brands. Not shotty main cheap stuff. Sometimes its hard to find something, sometimes I get disgusted because I STILL HAVEN'T LOST INCHES and I'd really like some shorts or capris, but I persevere and always find something. And its me time. Everyone needs some me time. This is mine. 

I love this challenge to myself. It keeps me hopeful and excited about the times that I have and will find amazing deals and nice clothes in a room of junk. It feels like a scavenger hunt. And, let's be honest, fat girls hate dressing rooms. We do. We'd rather have no clothes than risk clothes being too tight. This challenge keeps me honest with myself. If I'm not looking at sizes and realizing certain sizes are too small, I can con my brain into believing I'm doing okay. Not fitting in clothes, or better yet FITTING in them, keeps me aware of my progress and my need for further progress.

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