Sunday, June 16, 2013


One person that doesn't get a lot of mention on here is my hubbers. I think he kind of prefers that. He's thought about adding to the blog before, but really only feels like he has something to blog about when he needs to rant on something and then he doesn't want to be a ranter. Is that a word? His biggest rant, worthy of bloggerland discussion, was the Easter jelly bean problem in the past few years. Jelly Belly is out, store brand and Starburst had taken over and he was TICKED! It really is the important things.

I'd like to talk about him for a sec. Because its Father's Day and he needs a spotlight. Rob was a dad when I met him. He had a Pomeranian mix that thought he was human and Rob was the best dog dad I've ever known. He and Curt were an awesome team. When Rob came over to my house for dinner, so did Curt. When we went on a trip, so did Curt. That dog, to this day, took up a major part of Rob's heart. When we lost Curt, it hurt worse than I ever expected it to. I know it hit Rob far worse. Curt will always always always be in his heart.

Rob had daddy duties far before most dads. At 7 months pregnant, I started having contractions and was put on bedrest for two months. Coming home to a wife that has, literally, been laying on the couch ALL DAY and has not talked to anyone and is depressed, isn't fun. I know it isn't. He did it for 2 months straight.
One day I asked him to bring me some M&Ms, meaning a small package of them. He returned with a 5lb bag. He dealt with 5 trips to the hospital, some of which kept us there all night on the monitors and sent us home at 7am, just in time for Rob to take a shower and go back to work. He brought me magazines, books, family, and food. He cleaned the house, played board games with me, brought me a lap top, rented movies, rubbed my feet, provided a stop watch for contractions, did whatever I needed.
One of the hardest experiences of our lives was the day Rylan was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital when he was 8 months old. It was hard. I was blessed to have this man by my side. I was still hormonal, and blaming myself for letting Ry get that sick. He was my shoulder and more during that time. When I started getting sick, and they moved in a sketchy family with us to share the room, he gladly offered to stay nights with Rylan and asked my parents to take me home so I would sleep. 
Life got better with our sweet baby. 
Ry was seriously a happy kid and Rob's total twin. Just when life had settled down we decided to spice it up a bit............
22 months into parenthood, we had Max, another happy baby prone to respiratory funkiness. He came with lots of goos and smiles and reflux.

He just happens to share a love for the same team as his daddy
We Wuv our Wob(Daddy) so much. The kids literally shriek with joy when he pulls in the driveway in the evening. I'm glad he's been my parenting pal these 8 years.

Memory lane....Quallsy style
Poor Curt. You can see how ticked he is


It has sometimes been hard. It has been joyful many more times. I have had a best friend through all of it.

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