Thursday, June 6, 2013

Workout Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Its week 6 of my Couch to 5k. This, my friends, is officially longer than I have ever stuck with the C25K. I swears. I look forward to being the kind of girl that does not give up, cause I've kind of always been a giver upper. At least when it came to diet and exercise.

Todays workout:
5 minute warmup (around 3.7 mph)
5 minute jog
3 minute walk
8 minute jog
3 minute walk
5 minute jog
5 minute cool down (around 3.5 mph)

After doing the fat girl bounce walk/run, I come home and get Lola a do the cool down with her, just to feel like a good Dog Mom for 5 minutes.
When I came home, both kids were still asleep, which is the second miracle, the first being that I got up and worked out at 5:30 on a non-work day. So, I had the most blessed weights session while I watched Extreme Weight Loss on the DVR. Non animated TV? I'll work my A$$ off for that!!!

What's this, you might ask? When I do weights and such, I often get lost in the numbers. I'm often fixing bowls of cereal and sippee cups or talking to Rob before he leaves, in between sets and I forget what I've done and what I have left to do. I know doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING, but I want to hold myself accountable and SEE PROGRESS. So I starting putting a mark for every set I do. 15 bicep curls gets a tick. 15 situps gets a tick. 30 second plank gets a tick. yada yada yada. Somedays I do more arms and less legs. Somedays I forget to work my abs altogether. Some days my legs cry for mercy.  My goal is to have one more mark than the day before. Today I had 23 marks. That means I did 345 of SOMETHING. The number 23 cannot be divided by 3, so obviously I failed to do 3 sets of every exercise, but oh well. I failed to do any sets of any exercises for way too long, I'll take 23. I feel like I did a good mix of squats, lunges, planks, situps, and arm exercices. I badly need to up my weights. If possible, I do both 5lb weights in the same hand, but nobody wants to drop a weight on their head, so sometimes its just safer to stick with one.

So.....anytime my body wants to catch up with my endurance and lessen that waistline and BONUS the number on the scale....I'd appreciate it!!!!

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