Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh Wheat. We miss you.

I posted a couple weeks ago that Max is doing some dietary changes to see if taking foods out affect his reflux. He's been off dairy for over a year and we've got that down. I have a lot of people that help me find coupons for the kind of milk they can drink and he's never really known life with pudding and ice cream and such, so its not as hard.

Baby boy likes wheat. We went to a birthday party tonight and I had to keep him from getting a cupcake and it almost broke my heart as much as it did his. We'd planned ahead and brought him some marshmallow sticks and let him have some spoonfuls of frosting, but he was still sad.

He'd really like a Nutra Grain bar. And some Golden Grahams.

I'm trying to eat clean for weight loss and just my overall well being, so I had already started cooking healthier and planning meals that didn't have as much processed STUFF, was going light on the flour/sugar and dairy, so dinner has been easy. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are a different story. The boys LOVE to eat Eggo waffles on the way to school on my workdays and "bars" are a favorite snack. My gluten free correspondent, Michelle, has been uber helpful to give me names of the most palatable gluten free breads and such and I've just had to rearrange my thought process when I plan meals and snacks. Lots of applesauce, nuts, cuties, oatmeal, and dried fruit go down the toddler pieholes.  One night I had to make 4 versions of the same meal. The base was patty melts. Rylans was dairy free (on a bun, no cheese), Rob's was regular (bun, cheese), Max's was dairy free on gluten free bread (no cheese, Udi's bread) and mine was sans bun and cheese on a bed of sweet onions. We're making it work.

I'd like a glass of wine or 10.

In case you are wondering what $35 buys in gluten and dairy free products, I have a photo to show.
1. Beanito chips (these are weirdly delicious)
2. Van's waffles ($4 for 6 wittle waffles)
3. GF English muffins
4. GF soy sauce
5. GF bread
6. Quinoa pasta
7. Dairy free chocolate chips

Not much. We love that little squeaky voiced cutie though, so its worth it.

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