Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day

This is a week late, but oh well. We had so much fun in Fayetteville last weekend. We saw my two sisters (and family), Rob's niece Devin, and our much loved close friends Justin and Debbie and Drew and Becca. I have missed all these people so much. It was a busy weekend, full of children that don't sleep well out of their own bedrooms and such, but it was a great weekend.

First off, my kids need a trampoline. I need trampoline injuries, like I need a hole in my head, but seriously, there was jumping, and more jumping, and more jumping, and SO. MANY. SMILES.
Look at that smile on Rylan, this is his happy place. Trampoline and cousins, the perfect mix.

And this is Rob's happy place. A shaded area and a child that stayed still for 5 minutes.

This is the best I could do getting a group shot. The big kids playing. Next to Rob is Becca, a friend that Debbie and I met in the dorm at college and she's holding Henry. Henry gives Max a run for his money, that's fo sho. He is fast. Not pictured is Becca's very nice and funny husband Drew. Drew and I have trash TV in common. He once had Becca text me to remind me that Teen Mom's new season was starting. I love friends like that. Always watching out for you!
Justin and Debbie are on the end. They love all our kids like they are their own. Debbie and Justin's love story almost matches Rob and I's so much its a little weird. We all went to high school together. Debbie and I were friends. Justin and I were friends. Justin and Rob were friends. None of us hung out together at the same time. Debbie and I went on to room together in college for 5 years (we were thiiiiiis close to being common law). After college, we took a trip to Fayettville to see friends and I called Justin to come to meet up with us and tah dah!!! Wuv. Twoo Wuv.   Then Debbie and I were at a bar one night and the singer said his name and Debbie realized he was from our high school and went to say hi. Rob happened to be there with this high school friend/singer and there began our love story. I probably wouldn't have even gone over to talk to them if Debbie hadn't said hi. So Debbie and I accidently manufactured each other's marriages. I did the math and I've known Debbie since I was 12 and Justin since I was 15. Thats almost 20 years a piece. We. Got. Old.

Something magical happened that night. We got a family picture were we are all looking at the camera and smiling. We happen to be riding a rhinoceros, but you get what you get, and you don't have a fit

After 3 days of non stop action, we got home and by 6:30pm, we all looked like this.

Actually, we found Max, butt naked sprawled out asleep on the floor of his room next to his bed. That, my friends is the sign of 1. a good weekend. 2. weirdness

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