Sunday, July 21, 2013

I forgot I had a blog

I have no excuses. I just took a few days off, got out of the habit, and then, holy cracker jackles, it's been a month!!!!

So, to refresh....
We've had a lot of pool time. Max is working on his tan and his modeling poses. Both are going swimmingly. Lololol forever. 

Rybearski has had "mishaps" and now has a sticker chart. There is a bucket of toys on top of the fridge with army guys, swim gear, coloring books and action figures galore waiting on a full chart.

July 4 came. This is how Max Attack watched the boomers.

I don't talk much about church (or maybe at all?) but we have joined a new church and its been one of the best things for our family ever. I've missed being part of a church family. Anyhow, we made it into the church newsletter. That's us on the left, with our ever classy son with no shirt on and the other one MIA. 

Rob and I painted our living room/kitchen area. It went from red to Sensational Sand. Much more bright in the house now. Red is awesome, but 4 years of staying home with red walls was plenty.
My friend Laura and I ran the Color Me Rad run. It didn't start till 930 on the most humid day of the year this far and I was healing from the stomach flu but we did pretty stinking good.

The boys and I did some berry pickin.

Mac has started sleeping on his floor. It's odd but whatever. Sleep in the cabinet for all I care, JUST SLEEP!!!!!

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