Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lets get errrr done

I've posted before when I've felt the umph of needing to get serious about diet and exercise. Like here, here, and here. I've started and restarted and yet, I started 2014 at my highest non pregnant weight. I decided there was not going to be any resolutions. There is no number attached to my goals. I was ready to make lots of changes, but be calmer about it.  I had realized certain things I do that have been my downfall. Like too much, too soon. I start with such an amazing vigor that the only place I can go is downhill. I set myself up for failure every time. I start working out, sometimes twice a day, cut all bad foods out of my diet, drown myself in water, and then I fall off the wagon, usually I fall straight into a large cheese dip with a side of Chinese buffet.

On the way home from Disney I wrote down small things to adopt towards a healthy lifestyle. Getting up on a Monday morning and doing burpees till I was sure I was going to die and then eating kale smoothies and drinking 2 liters of water is what I usually did when I started over. I'd go balls out and then fail miserably. I didn't mean to set myself for failure, I just wanted change fast. This time I've accepted that this is going to take time and consistent effort and changes in habits. Like, for good things to be my habits. So, little by little, over the last two months I've started doing the things I wrote down on that list.

-First, I came home and started religiously keeping my food journal at (Be my friend, my names quallsy).

-I started doing better about my budget. Nothing makes you want to binge eat like being out of money and your dishwasher breaking right before Christmas right as you realize your car tags need to be renewed and you need to pay your property tax AND your husband informs you he needs new glasses and contacts.

-I started spending 5-10 minutes a day reading my Bible, a religious book or simply sitting quietly praying. I don't want to get ultra religious on my blog, but I'm getting sorta kinda more religious in my life (you know, besides saying things like balls out and listening to HORRIBLE rap music and cussing comedians while I drive or exercise without little ears near me). I've just gone a long time without being an active participant in something I believe in and I am now, so I am trying to do my homework.

-I started working out. Slower. Before Christmas/New Years I was trying out T25 and trying to do the regular moves and not the beginner. I was trying to jump in a train for a 5k or, if I let my imagination really run wild a half marathon. I was sprinting and doing burpees and getting ridiculous with what I was trying to force on my body very fast. My knees and post tick fever arthritic feet told me otherwise and I'd get sidelined. This time I followed the modifier. I WALKED more and jogged a little. I found old workout videos that I did religiously when I was thinner. I turned up the non cussing music and danced with my kids. I put on Just Dance on the wii and danced some more.  The very best thing I did was join an accountability group on Instagram where you work out for 30 days straight, for thirty minutes. It can be a rock star t25 workout with some situps and pushups after or it can be a rest day slow walk with your five year old. Just to get moving everyday for 30 days. People following me on instgram were treated to many workout selfies.

Dance party with the kids
Post walk/run. I always have the BEST workout hair

Walk/run at the Big Damn Bridge. It is always windy as can be up at the top.

Rylan did a mile with me one day. He stopped liking the run part of the walk/run after about two rounds, but still did a great job.

Another good workout hair day
I tried to do morning walk/runs. This was the only one I've braved so far. Dang I look good. 

I made it 12 days in a row before I missed a day. That feeling of "I can't miss a day, I've logged so many in a row" was so wonderful. Once I missed a day, I missed another. I got sick and missed a few more but have stayed consistent with 3-4 days a week which is still an improvement. Keep improving. Be better today than you were yesterday. Those are my goals. 

I've lost 5 pounds. It feels good to type that. For over a year, I have played the 'lose a pound, gain two back, lose two, gain one" game, essentially staying at the same number. This past Thursday, I went lower than I have in a year and that is awesome. Not where I want to be, but not where I used to be.

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