Sunday, February 23, 2014


Wayyyyyy back when, like beginning of January, me and the fam went to Disney. I came home so behind, with life, money, my blog updates (hello, still no Thanksgiving and it was JANUARY!) Life is good, we are lucky people. I just neglect my blog when I get busy. I'm also crazy enough, to feel like I can't blog about other stuff until I cover certain things. Like, I can't blog about Christmas, because I haven't blogged about Thanksgiving and so on. Its a vicious cycle of crazy.

So, anyway, back to Disney. I'm trying to do a video that I'll post on the blog that has way more pics. Otherwise, you could scroll for four days and not hit all the awesomeness that our trip entailed. Here are the highlights.

This vacay involved my side of the family, my mom and dad, sister Tammy and sister Angie and Angie's husband Clay and kids Zoe and Anthony.

Day 1: we left Little Rock and got to Orlando. We rented our cars (or, if you are van obsessed like Rob and I have become, you up it to a van, because you can) and found our rental house. All 6 bedrooms and four baths of it! It was amazing!!! We had our own pool and hot tub! LOVED IT!

Day 2: Animal Kingdom
It was still Christmas at Disney, which is why Goofy is dressed like Santa. It was crazy cold and I was ill prepared, which is why Rylan is wearing his 11 year old cousin's extra sweatshirt.  This moment pretty much cemented my theory that Max will one day work at Disney, possibly as Goofy. There is a certain love.

Rylan really isn't INTO Mickey, Minnie and such. He is into superhereoes and using his Visa gift card from Grandma and Grandpa to get his face painted!
Day 3: Epcot
Another amazing experience for Max, and just oooookkkkkaaaayyyyy for Rylan. I am with Max, I about peed myself everytime I saw a character and I'm pretty sure I forgot there was people in there.

Angie's fam having a moment at the Boneyard in Animal Kingdom

Day 4: Cocoa Beach
This is me and my friend Rose. Rose and I worked together at the hospital. We are very very different and there is probably a 20 year age difference between us, but it doesn't matter.  We found mutual ground and became friends. We've walked a half marathon together, worked our fingers to the bone together, she got me through two pregnancies and still wanted to be my friend, and her daughter babysat the boys. I love her so u. I miss her so much. In 2012, she lost her husband to cancer. She decided to start life over and packed up and moved to Cocoa Beach, FL. Did I mention I miss her??? I was within 2 hours of her and could not let that go without seeing her. It just happened to be unseasonably warm that day and we took the kids to the beach and had a great day. I got to see my friend, the kids got to swim in the ocean, the whole place was a sandbox, so that was awesome for Max. It was such a great day.

Day 5: Magic Kingdom
Is that a smile? He found his person. Stitch is kind of superhero/bad guy combo and this is Rylan's kind of guy.
Holy pretty Christmas lit castle!!!! So gorgeous!!!!

Day 6 Universal Studios
Does anybody remember Rylan's love of Buzz and Woody? I kind of miss it. Buzz and Woody are so much more awesome than the Hulk.

Day 7 Magic Kingdom part 2

It was awesome. We did everything we didn't hit the first day. Magic Kingdom was our little family's favorite. The rest of my clan did another day at Epcot this day, but we felt we still had a lot to do at Magic Kingdom. We were able to relax and do things like this awesome street parade where Max danced with Donald Duck until Donald practically had to get a restraining order.

Like I said, I have a million more pics.  I hope to do a video soon and very soon. We had a great time and I'm already ready to go back!!!

Ahhhhh! For two months almost, I have had tons of stuff to blog about, like a 30 minutes a day for 30 day workout challenge I'm in the middle of, the fact that a character on Sheriff Callie uses Forrest Gump's exact voice, and the Blueberry Cheesecake smoothie that is making my world a better place. Now that I have blogged about Disney I can go back to our regular blog adventures!

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