Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New "before pic"

My first before pic did my extra baggage too little justice.

Here is part two. And a restart**

My original "letting it all hang out" post is here. I feel I posted it a tad early, seeing as to how I had to have surgery the next week. Our lives are crazy. And I don't blame them for why I'm hefty (I am why I'm hefty), but I do blame the craziness for why I can't get up and go. 2 therapies, work, at home preschool, sinus infections and surgery have all become part of our life since that post. The first hurdle for me is for me to learn how to juggle all this and not turn to food when I'm stressed or make reasons not to work out.  I've healed, started working out again and am back in the game. 40 pounds  38 pounds is a lot to lose, but I have so much to gain. Self appreciation is a mighty fine thing. So is a healthy heart. And healthy kids who have a good role model.

So, I'm letting it all hang out on our blog. I need to lose 40 pounds. And I'm gonna bore you with the details of how I get that done. Because what will give me more umph than knowing I need to blog about my success. I've thought and prayed and asked advice about whether to put it on the blog. Whether it mattered to me that my far away family and friends and slight adequateness and, even, strangers would know my size, my struggles, and my worries. I hope its not annoying. I thank you for being my friends and family and I hope you'll support me, and all of us and if you don't want to look at it, scroll down to a different post and read about my cute kids. I probably would I was you!!!  

**And, for all of you that are enjoying the 5000 things on my cabinets and feeling better about yourself based on the looks of my kitchen last Sunday night: your welcome. I did clean it this week and it looked fabulous for 5 minutes. Till Crazy Train and Talks Back woke up. 

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  1. I am so excited to watch your journey and hopefully it will inspire me to get off my own rear and make things happen. Let's do this! ;) It has to happen sometime, right? ;) Love you!