Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Big fan of Daylight Savings

"Really, severely dislike daylight savings time!"

This was all up in my Facebook feed on Sunday. And, I feel your pain. You lose an hour of sleep, its not fun. As for me, in my house, we don't sleep much anyway. Saturday, Max woke up at 3am. No reason. Needed a cuddle or a snack or to go potty, I can't even remember. I laid back down and dozed, but I was basically up from 3am on. So, waking up and having one less hour of sleep is kind of something we are used to. Really, when I woke up at 6:30 on Sunday, I was pretty jazzed about the situation. 6:30 (5:30 in DLST land) is much later than 3am!!!

Here's something I am used to. Like, since the last time we had Daylight Savings time when we FELL BACK. I have a very large covered front porch, and only one window in the front, so at about 3pm, it starts darkening in my house. By the time Rob gets home, its dark as can be. No outside time, no walks, nothing. Other thing? In my tired mind DARK=SLEEEEEEPY.  So, about 6-7pm, I'm in pajama pants. About 8pm we put the kids down and I'm laying in my bed. Not sleeping but, reading or watching TV.

Sunday night, Rob took the kids outside while I did the dishes. Looking out my window above my sink and watching them swinging while I wash dishes is the best in the world. Then, last night Rob got home and we went on a bike ride before dinner. The kids both got bikes a year ago but weren't really interested in them at first. They ride bikes at school now in their gym, especially over the winter when they couldn't have outside recess, so now they love bikes. Riding outside with hills and ditches and speed bumps has had its own learning curve, and I have trouble making sure they both down DIE when I try to take them in our neighborhood by myself, so we've been restricted to good weather weekends and holidays. We have them up to a mile now, I'm excited to get them to where I can buy a bike and ride with them instead of walking/stopping/running/sprinting/stopping next to them.

Ok, his eyes are slits, he was so tired from no nap and Daylight Savings time, but whatevs!!!!

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