Monday, March 17, 2014

Staying accountable Monday

Every diet/exercise/life change starts on a Monday.  Someday there will be a Monday when mine won't restart. Not because there will be a day when I don't have to eat healthy and exercise, there will just be a Monday when I'll wake up and won't remember the weekend's eating extravaganza.

This is why I've chosen Monday as my day to recap the week. Recapping on a Friday will just make me pat myself on the back and then dive into a vat of frozen yogurt.

I ate like a princess all week, until Friday. I logged my calories and stayed within 100 cals of my goal everyday.
Monday-aerobics/dance in my living room***
Tuesday-aerobics/dance in my living room
Wednesday-rest day
Thursday-aerobics/dance (I swear, I'm going to be a zumba instructor in my next life, except to Pink and rap songs, not Espanol)
Friday-walk/run at the park, 35 minutes, 2.3 miles

Looks awesome doesn't it? I lost 0.5 pounds, which I'll take any loss. Any loss. Any. Then Friday night happened. I co-hosted a 31 Party and the other host and I made all the essentials: dips involving cream cheese, dips involving cheddar cheese, bread involving cheese and pepperoni, brownies, cookies, cake. And I ate it all. And then I brought my leftovers home. And ate some more. And some more. I put the brownies in the freezer to get them out of my face. And then I discovered that frozen brownies are delicious.

I should be shot. I'd ooze brownies and Diet Coke.

So, here we are. On a Monday. And its a new start. Here's to a better week, with a better choice weekend to follow.

***A description of this aerobics/dance. I started doing these Zumba videos a while back. I don't love them. The only one I love is the Zumba Rush. But its only 20 minutes and I need more like 30 most days. Plus, the same video again and again and again gets old. I found on You Tube that people have uploaded videos of their own zumba routines and I've done a lot of those. I discovered that instead of the typical Zumba songs (not hating on all the Spanish music, but its not my favorite for errrr song, errrr day, errrr workout), they do a lot of routines to songs I like. You can pretty much plug in any song you like with zumba after it and there will probably be a zumba video out there.

So, sometimes I do my Zumba video. Sometimes I do the youtube videos. And somedays I put my own music on and do whatever moves I feel like until I've reached 30 minutes. I've found I burn the most calories doing my own moves. No lie. Its like 300 in 30 minutes, which is more than run/walking.  I haven't told Rob I'm teaching zumba classes to no one in our living room when he isn't here. Let's see how long it takes him to find out. Since I think he gave up reading the blog back in 2011, my guess is he'll never know!!!!

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