Thursday, May 2, 2013

We got a sweet new ride

Confession: until a month ago, I was driving a ten year old Ford Escape with 190,000 miles on it. Rob? His is a 2001 Honda with 220,000 miles on it. Kind of playing the slots on that one weren't we? 

I've been kind of money savy my whole life. Ever since I started having kids, I have become a bit of an Extreme couponer, make my own babyfood and laundry detergent, and breastfed more for cost savings than belief in the health benefits.** You get my drift.  I've turned into a bit of a biter, pincher, saver, scratcher. Within the last year, I listened to Dave Ramsey and his "live like no one else, so that, someday you can live like no one else" shtick. He pretty much talked me into never having debt, ever again, ever, ever, ever. 

She's gold. She's humungo. And she's all mine. Hey Gold Minner.

 We don't plan on having more kids, so we don't NEED room for 7 people ALL the time. But, we do enjoy having family here and being able to drive into Little Rock all in one vehicle, and I keep kids for my friends some days and give rides to moms in the area without cars. Its so nice to have those options.Plus its just a pimp vehicle. Most beautiful? She's paid off!!! Yaskies!
 And, the kids LURVE the van. Like love love love love
When we get home, their first question "can we play in the van?"

I'm trying to get shades as large as my vehicle. Getting there......

**Just a disclaimer-I do believe breastfeeding has amazingly awesome health benefits for the baby and, if it goes well,  it is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. Studies show that the mom passes on immunity and many healthy benefits of breastfeeding. The boys and I? We were obviously not part of those studies. I breastfed both babies and they BOTH ended up with asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic ear infections, surgery before one year of life, and multiple other crazy illnesses. So, after, like, 6 months, it became more of something I was doing to save us money more than provide health for my youngin. Or maybe both. Probably both. It WAS an awesome money saver and way of losing baby weight. And, in the case of Max, it was a very bonding experience. Poor Rylan and Mommy. Between his tongue tie and my emotions post bedrest and c-section-we just couldn't get it together.  

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