Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family pictures....the ones we aren't supposed to show

We took these pics forever ago but only recently got the cd with all the pics on it.  Its easy to see a perfect family photo and believe that that family is perfect and their life is perfect. We got the perfect shot and sent it out for Christmas cards, and are blowing it up for a huge pic on the wall, but  I just love the pics that went wrong. Because they are SO REAL. Rob and I are raising a couple of nuts together! And we have photographic proof. 

I'd put money that Max is saying "ride a horsey, neigh!"

There my daddy!

Um....Rob and I were ready, Rylan's belly and Max's boob grab? Not so much.

Look at that face I'm making at Rob!!! And he says the kids are crazy because of me!!!

Awww, it was precious and beautiful till Rob pooped out the 2 year old

Choking your brother is sooooo funny

I'm sexy and I know it

Me cornholio

Still cornholio

Mom screwed this one up

And this one

Things really started going downhill

And farther

And farther

But, we got one, and we love it

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  1. "til Rob pooped out the two year old" just made me snort sparkling water out my nose! I didn't see it at all, kept thinking you look beautiful and I was in awe of your ability to get all 4 people in the same general area for a photo. Now I can't stop the guffaws.

    LMFAO at the Sexy & I Know It pose too.