Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bucket List Check Off

When I was a wee little lass, my family moved from Kansas to Mountain Home, AR. We left behind us many many many family members (I have 36 first cousins....seriously) that we missed terribly. So, every year (sometimes twice a year) we'd pack up half the house into my parents Ford Econoline Van and trek 10+ hours back to Kansas. Sometimes we'd trek when it was so frozen outside all the toilets at gas stations were frozen over. One time we ate Christmas Dinner at an IHOP trying to get to KS to see our peeps. 

As one would expect, many a memory were made in that Ford Econoline van. My favorite memories are the ones of us singing all together. My dad had a briefcase with cassettes in it, very varied music cassettes. Ranging anywhere from the soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof, to Paul Simon, to the Mamas and Papas. My poor dad, with his 3 daughters, that couldn't carry a tune, belting out song after song after song while he drove. One of our favorite cassettes was Fleetwood Mac. When Fleetwood Mac got back together and made their reunion cd, my dad copied it to a cassette and added it to the mix. We listened to it so much, we could even talk in between the songs with Stevie and Christine and Lindsey. 

So, over the years, Rob was aware that I liked Fleetwood Mac. When he presented me with tickets to see them in Little Rock as my Christmas present, he found out I REALLY liked them. Like, LOVED them. I do believe I squealed. 

The lighting is awful and it is 2 inches from our face, but OMG was I a happy camper this last Friday night. We needed a night out, alone, so bad, and what an awesome reason for one!!!  I danced and sang (off key, of course) and didn't even get pissy when the drunk lady next to me spilled a margarita on my leg. I even gave us an awesome new quote "I'm not as drunk as I smell!!! That lady spilled on me!" Stevie Nicks rocked her face off and I have a new crush on Lindsey Buckingham. He's pretty much moved Colin Firth over as my new older boyfriend.

So, check this one off my bucket list, now I need to bungee jump and go to Ireland with Rob.....

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