Thursday, January 31, 2013

Isn't that Pinteresting?

I shall change it to Isn't that Pinteresting Thursday, since Wednesdays keeps not happening!!!

I've had some Pinterest fails lately. Like "omg I am so excited to blog about this, its going to be so healthy and delicious and everyone will love me like they've never loved anybody before."  Or "ZOMG-this is the housecleaning tip that will not only rock MY world and save me hundreds in home repairs, but will rock everyone else I know's world TOO!!!" And then? Womp womp womp. Pinterest fail.

Case in point: Steel cut oats in the crockpot overnight and you have a wonderful and healthy breakfast to wake up to. I am still cleaning my crockpot 5 days later.

Case numero 2: Using dishwasher cleaner to remove Formica stains. I think my assy looking Formica might actually look assier?

Which led me to try something that had so many less chances for me to screw up, but a very very very bossy and picky subject to try it out on: Rylan. Kid LOVES popcorn. Problem with this? Microwavable popcorn all has dairy. I found one kind with lime and salt that is super good, but super expensive.

 So, I tried out this little puppy. Worked like a charm.

Get a brown bag and plain old popcorn kernels. 1/4 cup of kernels in the brown bag, fold bag over twice. One time I only folded it once and it didn't work as well, twice is magic.

Push popcorn button on your microwave (note: coral painted, unchewed nail, resolutions)

This is my attempt to try to be as cool as Kate Plus 8, in the years when Jon was there and they acted like a kind of semi-normal family that liked movie night, before they got famous and thought we wanted to watch them gripe at each other and haul their poor 8 children all over the place. Kate put "surprises" in the popcorn (I'm sure sugar free, organic something or another). I choose Best Choice dino gummies.

Voila!!! Popcorn dino suprise. Happy movietime, Rylan.

Rylan LOVED it. Max dumped his popcorn all over my carpet and turned our vacuum into an infomercial of the "how much can this vacuum pick up" variety.

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