Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fröhliche weihnachten und ein gutes neues jahr

Anybody who ever knew my beloved Grandpa Gene knew that saying this to him during the Christmas season (correctly!!!!) earns you a dollar.  It means Merry Christmas and a Good New Year. In German. I'm a gigantic German. Like, my great-great-grandparents came here from Germany, gave birth to Germans, who married Germans, who gave birth to my parents, who gave birth to me. Little fun facts on a Tuesday. Gosh I miss Grandpa Gene.

I'll backtrack to our Christmas in a day or two (or 10). I'm on a roll with blogging and I want to get my New Years Resolution post done so I can get to the business of breaking them. Or maybe not?

1. Lose the 40 pounds that I vowed to lose last September but decided to hang on to for a couple extra months.

2. Kiss and hug on my husband more. We've been in baby mode and survival mode for so long, its easy to forget where we started. We actually like each other.

3. Organize our lives. They are crazy and chaotic right now. I'm working so hard on this already. But, I am a naturally unorganized person with a hint of ADD, and but going back to work part time, plus adding 2 different therapies and at-home preschool, plus being a table leader at MOPS and remembering to check on and plan playdates for the 7 girls at my table have almost made me crazy. And I've taken on blogging for MOPS. And I'm helping organize a gigantic yard sale fundraiser in April. Crazyness. There have been days that I have taken Rylan to speech therapy at 8am, gone to Max's 2 year check up, gone to a playdate, gone to Rob's work to drop something off, back home and then back to town because we had some MOPS event. I overbook. Because I forget to write things down. So, a good organizer, keeping up with checkbook, writing down what I ate, make a schedule and stick to it. Planning ahead. That sort of thing.

4. Did I mention lose 40 pounds? 40? How bout 45. Christmas and Thanksgiving weren't very good to the scale. Getting a schedule and being accountable for myself will help me be accountable and schedule workouts and write down my eating.

5. Stop biting my nails. I'm better about biting my actual nails, but have become horrible about picking the skin around my nails. It looks awful, feel worse, and I'm scared my kids are going to do it too. Plus, I work at a hospital and then put my fingers in my mouth. GROSS

So, happy new year to all my favorite blog readers. I wish you all an amazing 2013.

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