Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I need some nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, best-sleep-you-ever-got-with-Flu A medicine"

This is me. In a nutshell. I don't have a purple chair, though. I wish I had a purple chair. 

I got a flu shot, but, apparently, it didn't take. I better have, at minimum, a six-pack after all this coughing. You know that freaking awesome daycare from yesterday's post? They've agreed to take my kids, because I'm hiding and hoping they don't get this business. Maybe their flu shot could have kicked my flu shot's ass!!! One can hope.

In New Year Resolutions news, particularly number 5, I'm kind of being a rock star about my nails. My sister gave me this gigantic thing of Sephora nail polish sample bottles. I repaint my nails every 3 days or so. It seems that if I have them painted, I leave them alone so much more. I still find myself picking at the skin, which is such a disgusting habit (I read its a sign of OCD, yay I have issues!!!! Thanks Dr. Google) but I am seriously better about stopping as soon as I realize I"m doing it. A 30+ year habit it hard to break. The funny thing about me painting my nails, is that the box of nail polish literally had 20 colors minimum in it. And I feel like wearing them all. Usually I would save the crazy ones for my toenails, because crazy colors seem so less crazy on your toes, but I'm owning this nail biting quitting Resolution and I wear my mint green and purple sparkle and hooker red like nobody's business. I am currently, sick as a dog, with Flu A, wearing a wife beater and maternity pajama bottoms, but I am ROCKING some Perfect Pink nailpolish.

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