Tuesday, January 29, 2013


....Sometimes you let your kids play outside in the dark and you make them happier than they've been all day...

Sometimes you catch your sweet four year old giving you love

Sometimes bathtime is the best thing that has ever happened, ever

Sometimes your newly freed from a crib, toddler falls asleep during his travels

Sometimes you walk out in the living room and find your two children in a random cuddling-passed out in the middle of the floor-moment

Sometimes you get this look......

Sometimes you take your kid out of the pricey, swanky school that promised to turn your kid into a genius and instead, taught your kid that if you tell someone "I"ll cut your head off" and make a slit across your throat, you don't get put in time out, and you realize your have the tools to teach them right here at your house. This day we learned about rows vs. columns and sorting colors in said rows vs. columns. And how delicious Sonic drinks are. Dollars to donuts he remembers that bit about the Sonic drink and forgets the rows vs. columns business.

I'm not pretending I'm turning him into a genius. 

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