Friday, February 1, 2013

Who's that girl???

That's my sweaty fat face after my second workout of the day!! Whaaaaat?  
Could somebody maybe just maybe be trying to FINALLY be a better somebody?

Here's the back story. Max woke up Tuesday looking like this:

It's impetigo. It's pitiful and it guaranteed us another week of being awesomely dramatically woe is me I have to stay homers. Until yesterday. It looked so much better. I work Fridays so we prepared to take the kids to daycare and I got up at 4:45am and did Zumba Rush*.

And then I heard Max whimpering and found a feverish boy in his bed. So Rob stayed home with him till noon, them we switched and I came home. Little pitiful was sleeping like, well, like a baby. So I got my step aerobics step out and did whatever moves I could think of while I watched a dvr'd Project Runway.

I don't know who this girl is that would not only wake up at 4:45 am to work out, but that would do a second one just because my kid took an extra long nap. But, I like her and I want her to stay.

I don't, howeva, like these bugs that keep plaguing my Maxerpoodle. It's just so sad.

*I got the Zumba dvds that you see infomercials for recently. I've tried out the basic and the 20 minute one (Rush) and a tiny bit of the Advanced. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rush. I like the music, I like the dances, I literally hum the tunes all day after I've done it. Its 23 minutes, and I know I should do a longer workout, but I just don't like the others as much, so I've started doing the last two songs twice, they are exactly 7 minutes, which gives me a complete 30 minute workout.

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