Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

And now, on the evening of January 18th, I shall document our Christmas. You know, the one that happened 21 days or more ago. I've just been so busy trying to blog about weight loss and decide what to blog about from Pinterest, and trying to grow my nails out, since I blogged about that, that I completely forgot to blog about my family enjoying a very lovely pre-blizzard jolly good Christmas.

Christmas #1 Qualls side. 
We traveled to Batesville to Rob's parents house, where his sister and her kids and his 2 aunts met us. One of Rob's aunts, Becky (pictured below in the black shirt standing, I apologize about the quality of the pic) moved to Equador and was back in the states for the holidays and able to spend Christmas with us. She brought us all presents. It was so sweet. 

Yes, mom, Grandma got me a super swesome Darth Vadar ornament and I'm going to show it to you, but not smile for the camera.

Rob, his sis, and his parents. His mom had surgery on her toot (that's Max speak for foot) a couple weeks before the holidays. Bless her.

Aunt Becky brought him a tiger hat and Grandma gave him a book to eat

Christmas #2 Rohr side

Mom holding Angie's dog. She doesn't love dogs. I think she looks quite natural here.

A try at a grandkids shot. Who brought the grumpy kid in the front?


Much better

Christmas isn't complete without putting the smackdown on Clay



Rylan's awesome pirate ship

Sister Tammy and Robert Eric McQuallster

Sister Angie and Clay (no idea what my mom is finding so funny in the back)

My parents. 42 years together and they still like each other. Crazy talk.

Our 8th Christmas together, I still like him okay

Max figured out how to take a pic. And document his pacey addiction

Cutting the prime rib. Delish.

We woke up Christmas morn to warnings of snowfalls, so we hightailed it back to Little Rock in time for freezing rain to start. We woke up the next morning to find over 8 inches of white fluff on the ground. And no electricity. We were some of the lucky ones. We lost power for 24 hours and right when we started calling hotels and phoning friends, the lights turned back on. I love electricity. I really love love it. I love a hot shower, a heater, and I really love tv.

Even though he proclaimed snow angels to be girly stuff, he still enjoyed them.

This is our last pic with Max in a crib. Before he turned all Climy Climberson and now he's in a toddler bed and he shows up in the middle of the night holding random objects from his room.

The week between Christmas and New Years, a doctor that I work with shoves about 3x the normal number of patients into 3 days. Being the idiot that I am, I had offered to work extra, to help pay off Christmas and such. Then it snowed. And the school lost power. And we had to beg a friend, pay extra for my work daycare, and slide all over Little Rock to get the kids taken care of so that their (mostly) stay at home mom could work a few extra hours. I will NEVER. EVER. offer to work extra again. EVER. Not at this job. Not at this time of year. Not with the asthma twins as my kids. 

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