Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And a Happy New Years to you!

Or Happy Birthday to Rylan, which is what he's been singing since Sunday night.

And who could blame him? This does look like one could get a killer wish granted blowing that fire out.

We took the kids to Sekisui for New Year's Eve for their first ever hibachi grill experience. They loved it. Well, Rylan loved it, Max drank his bottle and looked a little bored with the situation (see below under resolution section, sub-category MAX). But they were very good and earned a trip to Yogurt Mountain after. I was totally lame and fell asleep at 11ish and woke up at 11:55 to give Rob a high five at midnight. The champagne I bought myself? Still in the brown bag in the fridge.....the college age Sara would laugh in the 30-bleeping age Sara's face.

Onto resolutions, or my lack thereof. I'm sick of letting myself down. In 2011, I didn't do a vegetable garden, I didn't lose 20 lbs, I didn't stop biting my nails yada yada yada. I did think about doing another garden, but given the life we've been living in the last 2 years, actually fulfilling my resolution would have been super stupid. It would have been money straight down the drain. And the 20lbs....I lost some, then I hurt my ankle and the kids got sick and then sick and then sick and I found it, the weight not the sickness (knock on wood). My nails? They are actually better. I still have a lot of work to do at realizing I'm messing with them when I am stressed, but you can actually see white nail on almost every finger!

I am resolving to go to church as often as my own body allows me to. This last year has been hard. I have had many days when I have woken up in pain (still do) and many days when the kids have been ill or had a hard night of little sleep. Because the church we like is 30+ miles away, its easy to talk myself into staying home and recooperating on sleep or taking care of my kiddos. But, we need church, and I feel better after going every time. So, if I, myself, am not laid up in the bed sick and contagious, I am going to church.  If the family is well too, they can come with me :)

That is the only true resolution I am doing.

Rob is resolving to put up with my shenanigans for at least one more year.

Rylan is going to try to have less fits ("pits") and dance more

Max isn't aware, but he's giving up the bottle and the diet of 75% milk in the new year. The kid is hooked. And I don't blame him. He's had a hard time and the bottle is his "everything is going to be ok" helper. It is odd how much he loves a bottle considering he was mostly breastfed for 10 months, and if I could go back and give him cups when I weaned off breastfeeding, I totally would, but I can't. We were probably going through an ant bite, or plague, or locust infestation at the time, and we needed Max to be happy and nourished.

So, instead of resolutions in 2012, I am going to try to get myself on a Weekly Goal System with short, attainable goals and make myself check in on whether I achieved them or not.

Goals for the Week January 1-8

Home -begin all cash envelope system
          -Donate an obsene amount of unwanted crapola to charity to declutter house
          -Do one "chore" per day to help our house not have dust for Rylan's allergies

Personal-get caught up on my book for the bible study in my MOPS group:  Love and Respect and answer questions in the journal (*find journal*)

Health-work out 5 days
           -lose 1 pound

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  1. Sekisui is pretty much my favorite place on the planet. Too bad I'm off soy these, Lily thinks hibachi fire is the Devil's way of cooking her food.
    Excellent goals, my friend. I'm too tired to make any of my own, so is it ok if I just ditto yours?