Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jekyll/Hyde vs Devil/Dave Ramsey

There are two people with split personalities living in our house. Rylan and myself.

The fit throwing, fall on the floor, "go away" cause you didn't give me what I wanted little boy named Rylan.

The sweet, loving, happy little boy named Rylan, that has recently started saying please and thank you like a pro. He's even thrown in a "no thank you" every once in a while.

These two cohabitate inside sweet Rylan's body. He can go from "I love you" to "you suck in more ways than I can count on hands and feet" in 2.4 seconds.

Then there is me.......

Devil Sara
The child within me that loves to get "stuff" at stores and go out to restaurants. The one that thinks after cleaning my kitchen till its spotless, I should get a dinner out, so that the kitchen doesn't get re-spotted. The one that wouldn't DARE by a name brand item of clothing, but has no problem buying 30 items at the Dollar Tree or clearance section of Hobby Lobby.

Dave Ramsey Sara
I have been listening to Dave Ramsey in the car (all 15 cds!!!) and he's in my head and digging into my conscience. I realize that I should take better care of myself (i.e. not buy so much pure shit because its cheap and save up for NICE stuff, with name brands on it!) and not get fast meals out, instead save up money (and calories) and go out to NICE places. I have also realized I give into my kids at stores, to congratulate (or bribe) good behavior. If I save all those $1 little things that I buy them or me, those dollars will add up and we would be Thousandaires!!!! We can, some day, pay cash for our next car, put way more money down on our first house blah blah blah.

Here is an example of Jekyll/Hyde vs Devil/Dave Ramsey Sara on a recent road trip.

Devil Sara:" you have been so good in the car, you can get something at the gas station when we stop"

Hyde: "I want dease. (holds up small, cute container of m&ms)

Devil Sara "oh, no....I thought I a few bucks in my wallet and I don't. I'll just put it on my card."

Dave Ramsey Sara : "ummmm no, Sara. You are never using that card again. Especially for a $1 item like m&ms. You brought a million snacks for the kids and they are in the car. They don't NEED m&ms. Put on your big girl panties and tell your son no"

So I break the news to Rylan that Dave Ramsey Sara took over Devil Sara and we have to eat a snack in the car.

2.4 seconds go by........

Jekyll: "NOOOOOOO!!!"  pitch gets higher "NOOOO!!!!!"  hands start waving as if to hit his mama "go away!!!"

It took everything in me not to just go buy the m&ms. I had, after all, suggested we get a snack. And then I took if away and I felt terrible.  I had to literally put Max down, scoop Rylan up and then pick Max back up and run out of the gas station with Rylan flailing and screaming bloody murder.

Dave Ramsey Sara: "I'm sorry buddy, I know I brought up the snack and took it away. I forgot I had snacks for us in the car and had spent the cash I brought."

Jekyll: "no!"

Dave Ramsey Sara: "If mommy buys you snacks and toys all the time and uses her credit card all the time, I'll have to go to work and you won't get to stay home with me, you'll have to go to Tiny Town every day."

Jekyll: "no, no, no!!!!"

Dave Ramsey Sara: "I remembered I had brought these snacks for you that are so yummy, here you go." *

HYDE: (grabs the snacks out of my hand)  "thank you for my snacks mommy! Lub you."

I think we are literally making each other crazy......We'll get through it.

I have been trying to come up with more STUFF for each of my kids to do that doesn't need batteries or a remote control. Here we use some blue shaving cream type soap to make pictures. He had a great time. A little blue after. It kind of looked like a Smurf suffered during this project, but he had fun.

* The snack in the car was Snack Well's fudge drizzled caramel popcorn: 130 cals per pack. So freakin delish, you should all go get some.

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  1. This post made me LOL! I love you Sara-whether it be Devil Sara or otherwise! ;)