Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas (late) to you and yours!

Sooooo, that little boy on the left? The cute one with the sweater vest on? He's trouble. And he's trying to surpass his brother's hospital and doctor visits at the ripe old age of 14 months. At the rate they are both going, I'm never going to pick out who's my favorite!!!!

So, I believe in my last post I mentioned that both boys had been ill, that we had been to the PCP and allergist with Rylan and to the ENT with Max and had scheduled surgery for Max to remove his adenoids. What, you may ask, was our December missing? An ER trip? Why yes, yes that is what it was missing.....Max (aka Evil Knivel) doesn't walk, he runs. And putting the door of the dishwasher is a sure bet that you'll get a visit from Max. On the exact day that I posted about Max and Rylan's health issues, Max ran into the kitchen and tripped, hitting the dishwasher and biting completly through his lip.  A few hour in the ER, 3 stitches, lots of tears (by him and me, I think maybe more from me? I was a hot mess) he was good as new and back to being crazy.  

You know when life is crazy and its better to laugh than cry? I find this conversation with the ER doctor funny.

Doc "Because the cut is so close to the mouth and all kids his age put gross stuff in their mouth, I'm going to prescribe an antibiotic."
Me: "Actually, he's already on Augmentin for double ear infections."
Doc: "well, that'll cover him. You need to make an appointment in the morning to have these stitches removed in 5 days."
Me: "Actually, in 5 days, he's having his adenoids removed and maybe the doctor can remove the stitches while he's under anesthesia?"
Doc: "Well, you've got all your bases covered, don't you?"

Oi vay.

Well, Max reported to surgery. He was issued his cuter than normal yellow surgery pj's and he set out to make a new batch of girlfriends. It was hard for him to be sad about not eating or drinking when various women were taking him on trips down the hall to visit. He was most interested in pushing the nurse call button running around the bed and trying to find a new spot for some stitches. 
Closeness of stitches

Santa came for a visit, he wasn't impressed, he wanted him to see this dog that's in his Brown Bear Brown Bear book.

The surgery went awesome. He did great, had a little trouble with anesthesia because of his reactive airway, but luckily my crazy self had requested the Head of Anesthesia to be his anesthesiologist. He was a crazy person when we came to see him in post op, but finally settled down, and once they took out his IV, he was ready to go. We were prepared to feed him applesauce and milk, but he downed 3 biscuits and several nurtrigrain bars within hours of surgery.

"get this flipping thing out of my arm and we can go the heck home, MOM"

Later that day, still a little stoned, but feeling fly

Then on to Mountain Home for some Christmas craziness on my side

Ry got an art easel, Max was a fan of the box
Really loved the box

And his new dog blankie

Rylan;s new tent
Post unwrapping bath using new bath toys, a must

"decorating cookies" with Grammy, And by decorate, I mean eat a bowl of frosting

Zoe's present, a dog named Millie

And then, the present opening celebration at Rob's parents'

An ugly doll, literally, that's what he's called!

After we stuffed our bellies with deliciousness, we decided to take a pic with all the cousins, wearing their Lyon college tshirts they received for Christmas (Grandpa works at Lyon college). This involved waking Max from a nap, which sound mean, but we needed to get in the car and leave and we were hoping that Max might sleep in the car. He wasn't happy about being awake.

Still angry
More angry, look at Marley posing in the back
Not sure about this pose, Rylan. nicely done, Marley
And then the happy cousins decided to meet
Totally cute, may the peace be with you, Max

We had a lovely weekend at my parents house and traveled to Rob's parents' house on Monday for some more gift opening festivities. We are truly blessed and look forward to what 2012 has for this family.

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  1. Those hospital bed pics of Max broke my heart. Literally. I'm pretty sure I felt it crack or snap or something. :(
    But it looks like you guys had a way cooler and more fun Christmas than we did. And I soooo wish you all the best in 2012. Lots of peace and health and uneventfulness!