Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly goal check in

Last weeks goals
-begin all cash envelope system (MUST DO THIS! I've been listening to Dave Ramsey cds in my car, and the man is a freakin awesome genius and I'm totally on board with his my head. I'm just too tired to set it into motion).
-read my kids 10 books a day (total. I guarantee this will be 9.5 books for Max, 0.5 for Rylan)
-make a cleaning schedule for myself

-get caught up on Bible Study book Love and Respect
-stay up later than 8pm on a weekend night

-work out 4 days
-  lose 1 pound

Not awesome, but not too shabby. We took a trip to see my parents and had a doctor's appointment mixed in there, and we all shared some stomach ewww, so I think considering, we did pretty good. The cash envelope system has been made and organized. This Friday, actual cash will appear in it. I've had trouble wrapping my head around it for our particular situation (me staying home= minimal cashola and Rob getting paid weekly=minimal cashola at one time) but I think its going to work. Its just going to take Rob and I being very grown up with our choices until certain envelopes start filling up with money. The ones for clothing, hair, gift giving, you know the fun ones.

I was very happy to have the 10 book a day goal and I'm keeping it. I love my kids sitting in my lap for all those books and it made me feel very confident in my mothering. That's a hard place to feel confident if you are a me. 

I made myself a schedule using Money Saving Mom's custimizable daily docket. I really like it. I find that staying home is a huge challenge, because you often feel like you never get anything done. The way she breaks her list down, which I did as well (but customized for myself) is to break it down to tiny, tiny tasks. Instead of saying "clean the kitchen" I have: sweep the floor, do lunch dishes, do dinner dishes. I have a place where I cross off alone time with Max, I have a box where I cross off "school time" with Rylan. This might seem silly, but these are things that can be thrown by the wayside in favor of longer naps or cleaning time or your kids offering to be extra good if you let them watch Batman.  And they are important things.  It feels good to mark things off, however trivial they are. In the long run they all help. Because our life is a little chaotic, both my kids do inhalers twice a day and need meds twice a day for either reflux of allergies, it helps me make sure I've done there meds. I've only used it 3 days, but I've noticed a huge difference in my productivity. 

I'm upping my goals to 10, because its a nice, round number and I need more things to feel bad about when I fail.  And I'm sorry if this is super boring, but it feels good to be semi-accountable. Because I know all 9 of you have been sitting on the edge of your seat to see if I accomplished my 7 goals from last week. Your welcome.

10 GOALS FOR 1/20/12-1/27/12
1. At least 3 days where everything gets crossed off of new daily to-do list

2. Put cash in cash envelope system and use it!!!!!! 

3. Make a list of all of the things around the house that will help with decreasing dustmites and helping kiddos allergies.

Stay at home mommy stuff

3. Read 10 books/day with the kids. 

4. Have "songtime" every day with the kids.

5. Stay home at least two days.


6. Get caught up on Love and Respect in time for bible study on Monday. OI!!!!

7. Have a date night with the hubs.

8. Try one new craft or kid thing from Pinterest


9. Work out four days

10. Lose 1 pound

And because lists are boring and all about me, here are pics of our Plus One, Plus One More.

 My favorite two kids on the earth after a playdate involving two story playplace

 Its hard to have THIS much style 

 Max's first corndog. He nodded yes pretty much the whole time he was eating.

 Toddler awesomeness. Cookie sheet+shaving cream+paint brush= happy kid, fun activity and blue hands/mouth arm/paintbrush.

 Kid can't hang. Couponing is exhausting.

We've been loving the outdoors lately. I would be fine and happy if no snow or cooler weather showed up. We will happily suit up for the current temps and play and play and play. Until my kids figure out that snow days mean lots of laying around under multiple blankets, watching movies and drinking hot beverages. 


  1. Your goals are so much more grownup and meaningful than mine. These days, mine involve bathing, remembering to drink actual fluids because I'm nursing a child, and brushing Lily's teeth before noon.
    And that photo of passed-out Max in a shopping cart brought SUCH a smile to my face!

  2. Your goals sound like mine a year ago. along with Don't go crazy TODAY, Don't let Rylan kill Max TODAY, and pluck your chin hairs sometime this month. You are doing good, friend.