Thursday, January 12, 2012

My those onesies look a trifle tight and short

Well, I finally got Rylan to his 3 year appointment. We've either had an illness, a trip, a meltdown, or some other issue and have rescheduled his checkup 3 times. Plus, he's not really THAT old until you go to the checkup and I was probably unknowingly putting off the fact that my first born baby is 3!!!! I feel as though I blinked and this happened. 

Rylan is now 40 inches tall (93rd percentile), 38.4 pounds (71st percentile) and a crazy chatterbox. He is going to get a speech consult to see if he needs to see a speech therapist for reals (as opposed to my pretend speech therapy in which I bug him for 20 minutes every day trying to act like my sister who is a real speech therapist and gave me some tips). He has made amazing strides in the last year. At the age of two he had pretty much stopped saying most of the words he had been saying and he was resorting to fits to display his point of view on the world. Now, he speaks in sentences, asks questions, and says "thank you mommy for getting my toy." It fills my heart with joy every day to see him progressing as fast as he is. Every week we notice that the fits are getting less intense and fewer and farther between and he is conveying his needs to us (sometimes he conveys those needs ALOT). Why then, does he need to get a consult? He's not caught up. And at this age, its a good time to catch up. 

If you ask him his favorite food, his reply is "chicken nuddets, pied rice and NOODLES!" So you are thinking, oh, he's made a list of all his favorite foods. Um, no, he would like them all on his plate at once as a meal. One night I did make chicken nuggets and buttered noodles and he says "where the pied rice?" I had to break it to my darling 38lb baby boy that fried rice doesn't grow on trees and its a labor of love and that labor hadn't happened that day. The love? Always.

We went to story time this week and discovered that the library carries Easy Reader books. For some reason Rylan absolutely loves these books. I am sure the fact that Batman and Spiderman and Thomas grace the covers helps. He has been carrying them around nonstop and wanted to take them to Tiny Town today. Very excited to have found books that he WANTS to read as opposed to forcing him to have some reading time. Kids go in such phases, a few months ago he was asking for up to 20 books a day! 

Last weekend, for the Cotton Bowl, I put the boys in their onesies from the fall football season. Um, I guess all those cereal bars and bananas have really been causing growth cause they were both showing a pooch belly and about 2 inches of calf. But, still, the cuteness was overwhelming and I believe its what caused our awesome win. 

 The excitement is palpable
Happy Rylan and snuggly (pacey loving suddenly) Max I am quickly being taken over! Love them!

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