Monday, January 9, 2012

Goals for the week

So, instead of resolutions, I have started a weekly goal program.

Last weeks goals:
Home -begin all cash envelope system
          -Donate an obsene amount of unwanted crapola to charity to declutter house (is 3 boxes obscene?)
          -Do one "chore" per day to help our house not have dust for Rylan's allergies

Personal-get caught up on my book for the bible study in my MOPS group:  Love and Respect and answer questions in the journal (*find journal*)

Health-work out 5 days
           -lose 1 pound
As for the first week....I kinda sucked it up. I did okay (made 1/2 my goals), and on my behalf, I had some MAJOR stomach trouble and was puny for a large part of the Friday-Sunday range. My book for bible study? Its not even bad. Its actually really good and very helpful for my marriage. I just get this inner rebellion when I feel like I HAVE to do something. Its a psychological problem I must work on stat. I worked out Sunday and Monday with my Wii Personal trainer. Then I decided that my personal trainer was WAY too squat and lunge happy, so me and the boys headed to the park and walked around the track on Tuesday. And then I lost my focus. It was quite sudden.

Let me tell you about our house though! I am quite proud of myself for all I did last week on the house. I put 3 boxes of stuff for donation, plus a box for baby Miles, plus a box went to my neighbor that has a grandson. Buh bye clutter!!!!

Then, on Thursday, I wasn't needed at work, but we'd already paid for babysitting for the kids, so I took them to Tiny Town and came back home and went like a madwoman through this house ridding it of all things dust!!!! We had Rylan tested for allergies and the only thing he was severlely allergic to was dustmites. Since he and Max kind of share an affinity towards the same angry airways and eardrums, I'm assuming that Max has the same allergy. I cleaned all of our curtains, treated all of our beds with dustmite killer, put all of our pillows in the dryer on high, vacuumed every nook and cranny, cleaned all of our blinds, and even cleaned Lola! I am praying with everything in me, that with a little extra work on my part, my boys can have a healthier life with less asthma and less illness.  Things that people do with "spring cleaning" are now on my monthly cleaning plan.

Weekly Goals for January 9-16
-begin all cash envelope system (MUST DO THIS! I've been listening to Dave Ramsey cds in my car, and the man is a freakin awesome genius and I'm totally on board with his my head. I'm just too tired to set it into motion).
-read my kids 10 books a day (total. I guarantee this will be 9.5 books for Max, 0.5 for Rylan)
-make a cleaning schedule for myself

-get caught up on Bible Study book Love and Respect
-stay up later than 8pm on a weekend night

-work out 4 days
-  lose 1 pound

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