Wednesday, December 7, 2011

October and December Part 1

So.....we've been running like chickens with our head cut off. Trips, birthdays, family member's surgeries, Thanksgiving, trips to Vegas (more on that much later) and lots more. I am so behind and part of me wants to skip and just do recent updates. But the OCD part of me wants to document good times with cute kids, especially since my recent blogs have been rips on other peoples blogs and all.

October and November are very busy times for our family. Three of us have birthdays, the Razorbacks insist on playing all their games, Halloween and Thanksgiving get thrown in there and, since the weather is better, its prime playdate time of year. And now that we have rejoined MOPS, and we are still part of our new old playgroup (the branch off of the crazy one, filled with all the non crazies), we have had many playdates.

So, everyday this week, you get a look at our October. First off: our playdate's trip to the pumpkin patch. The kids had a great time wading through the pumpkins, playing on the tire, going on a hayride and chasing pigs around.
There just isn't getting these two to both look at me for a pic. this is the best I got.
Ry was seriously worried about this guy
Ry and Lily chasing the pigs. There was no attempt to touch, even when they were encouraged to. Notice Rylan keeping such a distance.
Attempt #2
Lily as a ghost and Rylan with his.....gord
Baby chicks...I'm sure he called them Lola
Such cuteness. Wuvs that boy
Serious pig race watching

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