Monday, December 12, 2011

October and November in December part 3.....KANSAS

In part 3 of my catch-up of October and November (aka I blinked and the months were gone and I hadn't blogged), we went to Kansas for a wedding and to visit my beloved grandparents. To Rylan and Max they are Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Gene (or "Damma Tassie and Dampa Dean" to Rylan). They are my grandparents from my dad's side and 2 of my favorite people in this world.

The above picture is the best I could do. I'm not sure when, but someday we will learn to take photos early in a visit, early in the day. We always choose the end of the trip (read: overtired children) to take a family picture. But, Max and Rylan absolutely LOVED our stay with my grandparents. They live in the town I was born in, Hays, and it has magical brick streets and no hills and lots of parks and many many family members that stop by all the time! Here in Hensley, it takes 3 hours or so to get a visit from a family member.

Here's a pic where Grandma and Grandpa are both looking, just not the kids. Add the pics together and its perfect, yes?
This was our first post-potty training trip and we were a little worried about being in the car 10 hours and the fear of accidents. We were also a little worried about the fact that we had an almost 3 year old and a 1 year old in a car for 10 hours and a dvd player on the fritz

They both rocked it! No accidents and minimal sadness. The worst behaved was this girl:

Here are some pics outside the wedding. Because I am awesome at taking pics, I have no pics of the actual wedding(our whole reason for going to Kansas) or the wedding dance. And, this is most unfortunate because Rylan and a few of his girl cousins made nice and did some super cute dancing to the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. I will blame my lack of awesomeness on the ankle injury that I suffered on our way to the wedding, involving the previously mentioned brick streets-high heeled shoes-my luck. It is hard to handle two babies, drink, dance, hobble and take pictures. So I chose to give up the latter.
Must frame this one
Dear Rylan, we're gonna take pics, get over it.

The day after the wedding we spent time at the park and went to cross over the stepping stones in this creek. Except it had been a blazing hot year and there was no creek to speak of and the stones looked like boulders. It was perfect for me, you know the one that can't walk to save her life?

We had a great time (you can tell by the look above on Rylan's face, right?), and four weeks of expensive physical therapy sessions later, I can almost not feel the pain of that brick street boo boo. I cannot wait to get to Hays again. Wish I was like Harry Potter and could apperate us or travel the floo network, though. Ten hours in the car is tough even with good kids :)


  1. That girl in the car taking pics of herself is scary! LOL

  2. I'm pretty sure I've got a portable DVD player around here you can have, should yours still be on the fritz. It ain't fancy, but it's all yours if you want it.
    And, yeah, that Rob and Max pic is totally frameworthy. :)