Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting to know me Sunday

Another blog post copying off other bloggers that have themed blogs and keep up with their blogs. And just so I feel I'm being true to myself, I'm doing Get to Know Me Monday on a Sunday.

Five jobs I’ve had in my life:

1.)Sandwich artist at Sandy's Deli

2.) Burrito Artist at New York Burrito (I really miss the Hawaiin Chicken Wrap)

3.)Chemistry Lab assistant at Baxter Healthcare my first two summers of college (read: glorified secretary)

4.) Patient Care Technician at Arkansas Children's Hospital. (this was supposed to provide me money to get through college and then I was gonna blow this popstand for greener pastures the minute I graduated Nursing School, see number 5)

5.)Nurse at Arkansas Children's Hospital since 2003. Yeah, I never left, and recently I celebrated 10 years with this company. I still can't believe I'm older than 10, so this is a mystery. I started nursing in PICU, then the sad cases and long 12 hour night shifts finally got to me and I moved to the GI LAB where, as my favorite doc puts it, "I deal with guts and butts."

6.)It only asked for 5, but I'll add full time Mom to Two Cool Tots. This requires no education before giving birth, but BOY do these two educate me daily.

Favorite current telly shows: I love the DVR, I'm fairly new to this, but it saved Max and I during those nasty puke from 3am on nights from birth to 3 months. Max would feel all better and go into a deep snooze at 6pm, so I learned that, for a short while, that was my new bedtime too. So, I dvr'd stuff to watch at 3am while we rocked and cleaned up puke. Now I'm semi-hooked on all the shows I dvr'd during that time. Chelsea Lately, Project Runway, Modern Family, Chopped and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite all-time telly shows: Dawson's Creek and Party of Five from my younger years, and Modern Family for my older years

Favorite actors/actresses: Tom Hanks is my all time fave. Morgan Freeman, Amy Adams, Sandra Bulluck, and the guy that plays Ron Weasely (I have an odd crush on that fellow)

Favorite movies: Forrest Gump, Love Actually, Bridesmaids, Knocked Up, Big Daddy, Dumb and Dumber, While You Were Sleeping, The Fugitive

Favorite foods: cheese dip, brownies, popcorn and m&ms mixed together

Least favorite foods: You don't really keep my svelte figure being picky with foods, but I don't like mayonaise,especially when someone puts it on a burger without asking me first.Or on a freakin grilled chicken sandwhich. I mean really? I just ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, choosing against everything yummy on your menu in an attempt to be semi healthy.Don't shlab your gross mayonaise 12g fat per tbsp on my semi healthy, not as good as cheese fries grilled chicken!!!

Most embarrassing moment: There’ve been so many. Maybe the time I was mid-csection with Max and the morphine kicked in and I entertained the entire surgical team with a story of the Oprah I watched about a man that saved his sperm before he had a sex change to become a woman, then fathered his own twins as a woman, then took hormones to be able to produce breastmilk and breastfed the twins that he had fathered. Or the time (many years ago) when I was go-carting in a tank top and these guys were smiling at me and I smiled back thinking they were flirting and it turned out the vibration of the go cart had shimmied my tank top and I was go carting in my bra with a tank top around my waist. Or anytime I was at the Electric Cowboy with more than 2 drinks in my system.

Favorite bands and artists: Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Adele, Pink, Elton John The Beatles, Tom Petty

Favorite all-time songs: American Girl by Tom Petty, Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison, Clocks by Coldplay, Someone Like you by Adele, So What by Pink.

Biggest fear: My kids being really sick. Really really sick. I've seen way too much at my hosptial. And Rylan at 8 weeks riding in an ambulance didn't help matters.

Proudest moments:
1. Graduating nursing school with a bacholor of science and never getting lower than a B in all of college.

2. Giving birth to two very awesome kids

3. I can still say Eenie Meanie Miny Mo in German

Stuff you probably didn’t know about me:

1.) Rob is the first guy I ever dated that was older than me. Total cradle robber before him.
2.) Scared to death of snakes. I become a Kenyan runner in presence of snakes. Though lizards and salamanders and such don't bother me.
3.) I once performed Baby Got Back at karaoke. And bombed. Didn't care so much as liquid encouragement also give you a tiny bit of liquid "oh well" later. Maybe that should be up on Most Embarrassing.
4.) I am shy. Get me one on one and I'll talk your ear off, but a new situation with lots of people? Scared to death. Rob's coworkers probably think I'm a tad mute. Mine? Want a muzzle on my face.


  1. Love it all! Of course mayo is evil, I can't stand it on my sandwiches either. Of course in my book exceptions can be made for Miracle Whip which can be used in tuna salad or with a nice slice of homegrown tomato on white bread.

    I get the Ron Weasley thing- I married a red head. The power of the ginger can be strong, and difficult to explain...

    You sound very compatible with me. I do differ in the snake thing- one of my weirdest jobs was handling rattlesnakes for an anti-venom research project. Receiving live rattlers in the mail from a boot leather company was part of my job, loved seeing those packages arrive & checking them for escapees while watching the face of the delivery man.

    You're shy? Thanks for coming up with the courage to share. Now where's the video of the go cart or Electric Cowboy night?? ;)

  2. 1.) Mmmm, mayo. Mayo goes with EVERYTHING. Especially hot dogs. That grosses Ryan out, which makes it THAT much more appealing to me.
    2.) Pacey Witter. I had a weird little crush on him like your Ron Weasley one. Which also goes to show that I was a die-hard Dawson's Creek fan. Not proud of that one. :(
    3.) Guts and butts? That's funny. :)
    4.) I'm pretty sure Electric Cowboy would somehow work its way onto ANY central Arkansan's most embarrassing moments list. Two words: mechanical bull. Oh, God.

  3. I love me some Mayo, but not on hot dogs! YUCK Michelle! ;)
    I like this post...let's steal some more quizzes...this is fun! :D