Wednesday, December 14, 2011


May I interrupt my updating for an update?

1. Max's immunoglobulin tests came back normal. Yay!!!! Kind of. It means he needs surgery. He needs his adenoids (aka: harborers of mass grossness and ewww) removed. This will go down next Monday. I know its quick, but we are tired of seeing our baby in pain with infection coming out his ears. Hoping he'll be able to celebrate Christmas minus infection. Since his birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving did not go down like that.

2. Rylan had his allergy tests. It was not fun. I might kill the nurse that administered it. He isn't allergic to milk, as we previously thought (there is a chance that he is still intolerant to the protein in milk, stay tuned...) but he did have a huge allergy to dust mites. Now we need to buy all kinds of pillow and mattress covers. Oh, and he had double ear infections. While on antibiotics.

My. Poor. Babies.

2012-get ready, cause we are wanting some health. Or I'll sue. I know a guy.

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  1. Poor baby...and now stitches! :( I am thinking about you guys. love ya!