Thursday, December 8, 2011

October and November in December part 2.

Let me just interject my trip down memory lane to ask for prayers. I don't do that alot. I tend to call myself a dork and say things like "diarrhea of the mouth" instead of be real serious. But, my kids are sick as shizzles. Its a bad cold (probably croup) that is aggravating their asthma. They are coughing so so so so much. Its hard to listen to them trying to sleep and not have any other things in my bag of tricks to help them. Rylan's fever was up to 104, but has stayed down today and he is on antibiotics now, which, paired with every 2-4 hour albuterol updrafts, seem to have helped. Max is a bit better, cough and fever wise, but he has double ear infections. Again. He had one on Halloween. And then another over Thanksgiving. In fact, he was actively being treated for the Thanksgiving one when these double infections occured. They did some testing on Max's immune system, testing for immunoglobulins and such, to see if this could be the reason the kid keeps getting ear infections. By my mommy count, this is infection #14 (the 8th since he got ear tubes). Max is 14 months old. His first ear infection was when he was 3 months old. That's an average of 1.25 ear infections per month. That's sad. So if you are the praying kind, say one or two or ten for my guys. Their lungs and ears will thank you. And their non-smoking, always cleaning, two humidifier owning, why is this happening to these poor kids? parents will thank you too.

Now for the fun, cute kids that felt good part. We went to a second pumpkin patch as a family. There is a pumpkin patch a few miles from our house and we have been lucky enough to make it every year since we had Rylan. They had a great time riding in the wagon, picking out the perfect pumpkin for our house, riding in the cow train and taking a hayride.
What is this? A totally cute pic with them looking at the same thing?

All my smiley boys in one place
Max had a wardrobe malfunction. Again and again and again. Just because they are name brand doesn't mean they are better.

Once again,Ry was mostly concerned about this guy.
Our 3 foot 6 inch three year old.

Another malfunction


  1. Cuteness all over!
    I am thinking about you and yours and praying for you guys to be better soon! I miss your smiling faces!

  2. I'm definitely the praying kind, and I'm saying lots for you and yours. If I weren't so behind on my blog stalking, and if I actually logged onto (evil) Facebook every once in a while, I would've known how sick your kiddos were and started this praying stuff a lot sooner. Very sorry! On a happy note, the wardrobe malfunctions made the Max photos even COOLER, if possible.