Friday, December 16, 2011

October and November in December part 4: Rylan turns 3

Its been a month and I still cannot believe Rylan is 3. And, it seems like the minute he turned 3 he suddenly started spouting off all kinds of new phrases and understanding so much more.

He loves to read the ABC book by Dr. Seuss. He is seriously into any Cars paraphenelia. He got to go see the new Muppet movie recently and he wants to talk about Termit and Ms. Titty alot. And some guy named Walter. Apparently there is a new Muppet named Walter. He won Ry's heart. He has become a huge fan of almonds and fruit snacks, and chicken nuggets. He misses Max when Max isn't with us or while he's sleeping, then the minute Max is back, he's ready for him to leave again.

When your kid starts talking, there are little things they say wrong, that you are sad when they go away and your kid starts saying it right. Like, when we first named Max. Rylan called him Maksh. And his friend Harper? He called her Harpert.

Right now, Rylan calls going #1, going "he pee." And he likes to make a palate on the "poor" and watch tv. He still calls a drink a "nurch", and he enjoys "ticken nuddets" and "pied rice."

For his birthday, we were in Fayetteville, so he got to share his birthday party with his cousin Zoe, who has a birthday 2 days before his. We had it at a bounce house place called Boingo Bounce. It was seriously fun. The kids ran and ran and ran. And then ate cake and drank juice and then they all passed out.

Awesome awesome cake
I love the way kids get so mesmerized by a candle lit cake. They lit 5 candles for Zoe, which she took care of immediately, but there was a lot of suspense for Rylan's 3 candles.
Rylan getting some help from his cousin Marley
Max getting help from his aunt Staci

My new favorite shirt of Rylan's

He looks a little bored with that hug

I wasn't supposed to be jumping due to ankle injury. The next physical therapy appt, the therapist was noting that it was swollen in all new places. Whoopsie. Oh well.

Debbie and Justin got to come too!!! Love them!
Rylan's Grammy, Poppa, and aunt Tammy

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