Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years

2010 was an amazing year at the Qualls's house. This time last year, we knew nothing of a little precious boy named Max, were unaware of the amazingness of the Toy Story trilogy, and were fairly healthy and unschooled in a little thing called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I'd say 2010 was one of my very favorites, by far. I'll keep the Max and the Buzz and Woody, it can take its Death Fever and shove it where the sun don't shine!!!

Bring on 2011.

Rob and Rylan and Max-tastic aren't really resolution types. Basically they resovle to be super cute ans sweet and fun. They can go ahead and check their lists off as done and its not even 10:30am! Good boys.

Me, on the other hand, just can't help myself. I have a list a mile long.

I had one last year. I accomplished most of them, sort of. I did lose 20 pounds. I actually lost 30 (go me!), except I gained 40 first. OOPS. I started a garden (woo hoo) but then I killed it. I saved for home repairs (shazam!!!), but the home repairs I wanted (new countertops, floors, or anything new and fun) didn't happen, seeing as to how our AC went out when it was 110 degrees and I was 8 months pregnant. And our dog got sick. Like 87 times. And babies need beds and dressers and adorable onesies. And toddlers need beds and bookshelves and anything that has the sock monkey on it.

The one I succeeded was to read 20 books. I lost count, but I actually probably doubled that. I love to read and I am very happy that lots of nights, I have chosen to walk away from the TV and open a book. I re-read all of the Harry Potter books and learned that I completely love John Grisham, which surprised me. I am all caught up on Mary Higgins Clark and I even read one called Fit Mama. I thought if I read it, I'd automatically be a Fit Mama. Judging from my dunlap, baby shelf, and muffin top, me thinks it might take a little more effort than that.

One of my favorite people in the world, Michelle, said on her blog that resolutions are the devil's way of setting us up for failure year after year. And, I agree. So, here's to you, devil. I shall overcome your angry need to hate on me this year.

1. Get up and work out in the mornings 3 days a week. Walk, outside, at least 3 days a week.

2. Spend less time mindlessly reading crap on the computer. If I have extra time to myself, enjoy hobby time, like scrapbooking or reading.

3. Get my cookbook in order and pretty. I made a cookbook while I was on bedrest with Rylan from all the recipes I clipped out of magazines. It was pretty for about a day, then the binder broke, and I realized I won't ever make half of the recipes, and I've added about 500 other recipes that are bulging out of the little folder sides of the binder.

4. Quit biting my nails. How does one stop a 30 something year old habit? I'll let you know December of 2011.

5. Cherish friendships and family that matter. Write more emails, make more phone calls. Write a dang letter every once in a while. Stop spending time with or worrying about people that make me crazy or treat me in a manner that I do not deserve.

6. Make a garden that produces actual vegetables for longer than a week. Water said garden on a very regular basis.
Both of my kids love the outdoors. Just being outside makes both of them calm and happy. We had a few outside days before the monsoon of late December 2010. Here are some pics.

Who needs expensive outdoor equipment? Leaves =free fun for Ry!
Max was not impressed with my attempt to keep him warm
Rylan's new swingset. He actually got a cool toddler swing for Christmas, I've just too busy pushing him in the swing to snap a pic yet.

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  1. ME? A favorite?! You're one of my favorites too. :)

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you that you've inspired me to start a garden!...though I've currently got not one but TWO dead plants in my home, so I dunno what makes me think I can grow actual NOURISHMENT for my family, and it's not like they'll eat it anyways. Still, I'd like to try. And I'll be needing a garden mentor...