Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....the crazy version

Taking 2 toddlers, one baby, a lady limping from residual Death Fever foot pain, and another that is 6 months pregnant to a place where you walk miles up and down hills in the cold and look at Christmas lights might sound like the recipe for disaster. It kind of was. But, a hilarious, fun filled disaster that I'll remember forevah!!!!

First off, Krystal drives one of those fancy, third row seat jobbies that I secretly crave. The only problem with a car with third row seats and three car seats? Three car seats is three car seats. Plain and simple. And my child bearing hips and Krystal's baby belly don't add to the mix to make it easier. So, just the meetup at Chick-fil-A parking lot to get us all in one car made me want to pee in my pants with laughter.

Then we ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant where Rylan entertained us with his love for everything south of the border (Rylan, we are German, baby!!!!). After filling ourselves uncomfortable full with too much Mexican (a language barrier caused me to accidently order cheese enchiladas with cheese sauce and cheese dip HELLO LACTOSE INTOLERANCE), we ventured on to Garvin Woodland Gardens. We shoved our kids in coats and hoods and into their strollers and headed on. We were so excited to get free cocoa, except you shouldn't have hot cocoa and push a stroller, you will get burned and sticky. And we both did.

Then there was Santa. Rylan and Harper were both excited and clapping and looking at the Big Guy and his wifey while we waited in line. but then we got to the front and "NOOOOOOO" was all that would come out of Rylan's mouth. After Mrs. Claus befriended him with a candy cane, he allowed them to take a pic while he sat at Mrs. Claus's feet. No lap sitting for that boy. Harper was also iffy about Santa, but warmed nicely to Mrs. Claus and even sat on her lap. I've got to say that Mrs. Claus's fur lined pink jump suit is less of shock to small children.

We had a fabulous time and minus me having to take a running start to get up the hills with the double stroller, Krystal almost passing out from low blood sugar (pregnancy induced diabetes is not fun, she told me so), Max puking all over me in Krystal's car, and all children crying at once out of tiredness on the way home, the rest of the day was fairly incident free.
The nice ladies put ice in some hot chocolate for this little boy
Happy Harper, waiting on her "hot meel" or chocolate milk
Some of the pretty lights, pics don't really do it justice

This is Max's "why and I here, I'd rather be breastfeeding" face.

This is Ry truly loving the Mexican culture.

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